5 proofs that this man - your destiny

5 proofs that this man - your destiny

At the very beginning of the relation can ideally develop even with the improper partner. During a rose and candy stage the passion, interest, mysteriousness reigns in couple. To learn what will be the union in the future, it is necessary to listen to himself and to look narrowly at the man who is with you nearby.

Sadly, if the woman too late understands that near her not that man. To spend several years or even all life with the improper husband, to give birth from him to children and to cast in the lot densely together – a big mistake. That to avoid it, it is necessary to analyze more the feelings near the partner, to try to know better him and to define as far as you are compatible. The biggest shortcomings can mean nothing if the person suits you. Also any advantages grow dim in the man who is not your destiny.

Sometimes under pressure of public norms, councils of parents and girlfriends or because of fear to remain one woman too hurries to cast in the lot with the elect. It is necessary to understand that the principle "love comes with habit" works very seldom. On the contrary, with age and increase of a house routine people can irritate each other only even more. Of course, it will not occur if they suit ideally one another. Because of passionate love, desires is to marry or give birth rather to the child you should not hurry with the choice. It is not necessary to do it only because of fear to remain one or under the pressure of years.

Analyze the feelings

The man cannot be your destiny if you really do not love him. Try to understand the feelings. Whether really this guy is very dear to you, or it is just great sympathy, passion and respect. These feelings are important, but they are not enough for creation of the strong relations for many years. Think whether you stopped the choice on this man finally, or internally remained in a condition of search. If you expect to meet more suitable option, this partner definitely not your destiny. When you have doubts and you are not sure of the feelings, give yourself time.

Trust acts, but not words

To check feelings of the man, it is necessary to analyze his acts, but not to trust words. Kind of you treated him kindly, the feeling has to be completely mutual. Look narrowly as far as he cares for you whether it is considered with your opinion whether protects your feelings. The loving man will try not to do what upsets the darling. Besides he will seek to spend more time together. Analyze as he placed priorities on what you for it the place.

Present you together in the future

Try to visualize your general future. Think over trifles: as you live together how your life is adjusted, duties are distributed, leisure is organized. Pay attention and to as far as it is easy for you to dream of future joint life. If it is difficult to you to see himself near this man, perhaps, you still badly know him to judge whether yours is destiny. Or at the subconscious level you already have an answer to this question, and it is negative.

Visualization of the general future will help to reveal negative installations which prevent you to be near this person. If any moments cause in you irritation, do not charge-off it. For example, you foreknow that your man will come from work very late, and you need nightly time together, communication and joint rest. In the near future it can make you really unfortunate.

Make the list of the points and shortcomings, important for you, which you can not notice. For example, it is possible to write what your man ideally has to do for you or together with you that he should not do what actions you consider acceptable. For example, in the first list there will be a purchase of products, the help in cleaning and visits of your parents on the weekend. Think whether your elect is capable of these acts? If the answer negative on the majority or all points, it is difficult to you to get on.

Let's say in the second list the habit will not remove the things into place, fastidiousness food and unwillingness to clean up. Find out better in advance whether your partner does not have all these defects. It is not necessary to make too big lists. Think what very much irritates you in life what it will be difficult to you to get used to. The relations have to be lungs, and the house routine, despite the prosaicness, can spoil even the highest relations. The third list can include actions of the partner which you in principle can sometimes suffer. But you watch that coincidence by them was not too much too. Otherwise here so, on a drop, your love will be subjected to constant tests for durability.

Compare your views and the principles

Not only the compatibility in life, but also similarity of vital views is important. If you consider that the man is ideal for you, find out at first as far as he it is tolerant or it is radical rather critical public moments. Think that it is important for you. For example, if you try to protect the nature, visit ecological shops, and your elect does not feel sorry for plastic bags and thoughtlessly spends water, you can have serious disagreements. Or, for example, you got used to leave the car where it will turn out, and your man strictly follows not only traffic regulations, but also laws of the parking. Present what disagreements wait for you in the future if someone from you does not adapt to the partner and will not change the positions.

Also similar plans for the near and distant future are important. If you the pronounced careerist, and the man dreams of children long ago, this moment will be found because of the evidence soon. And here desire in old age to live in the country which only one of you has can emerge after a wedding. Talk to the man more, learn about what life he dreams to lead. Perhaps, you hope for strong support of the partner in the financial plan, and your guy sleeps and sees how he gives up well paid work and begins to draw pictures. Before such disagreements not each love will sustain. And to say that this man – your destiny, is not necessary.

Be sure of the elect

Of course, for hundred percent it is impossible to trust anybody. But if already at the beginning of the relations in your soul doubts concerning fidelity of the man, his readiness to protect you or to offer personal interests for the sake of your family, things look bad creep in. If he really so suits you that it is possible to cast in the lot with it and all your future, you have to feel safe and is sure. Life as on a volcano, with jealousy, quarrels and scenes, treachery and forgiveness, can look romantically only in movies. In reality even eccentrical girls ostepenyatsya over time and wait from the husband of stability and support, not to mention lack of affairs on the party.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team