5 reasons for which men run from women

5 reasons for which men run from women

It is possible to remain left not only if you dealt with the out-and-out rascal. Quite often even the most normal, ordinary, quite good men run from women. Why so and what to do, the rack of it did not happen to you?

In marriage nevterpezh

It is clear, that the woman wants development of the relations. Ideally – weddings, "they lived long and happily and died in one day" in own mansion in an environment of a lot of children and grandsons. But if such scenario is broadcast to the gentleman already on the first appointment, you see, it strains. The man, maybe, just wanted to have a good time (and you should not condemn him for it). Sometimes the lady somehow manages to restrain … but from a meeting to a meeting all the same "breaks through" it. The paradox, but even the partner who purposefully looks for family from such pressure can strongly strain. It is important to man to feel like the hunter, to win the woman, to try to obtain her, including to try to obtain consent to marriage.

Council will not help to keep the plans around here. The woman is given by "hungry eyes" and other nonverbal means. It is necessary to change from within. Usually in marriage (and not one time) quickly there are just those ladies who there (i.e. "взамуж") do not aspire at all.Take me!

From the beauty in a monster

What to hide, all of us are inclined to relax, having achieved the objective. If the purpose is to marry or at least to establish the stable serious relations is reached, the real surprise can expect the man: transformation of the gentle timid beauty in the fat aunt in a dressing gown and hair curlers. 

Of course, for the normal person who really loves, some changes in appearance of the partner to make up the mind to so radical step, as parting (moreover shameful escape), it is not enough. Always it is possible to talk, tell what is not pleasant. The loving woman has to listen to quite clear claims. Especially as to remain attractive it is necessary first of all for her. Tidy appearance and an ukhozhennost – in its interests.

The insidiousness of a situation is that external changes – only the visible party of a huge iceberg. We change inside. We gain confidence that now will not leave us. And together with it – bad egoistical lines which will not be pleasant to any normal person. 

Therefore remember with what you once fell in love and turn back into this lovely lady rather. While the getting is good! And if already late, do not allow similar with the new partner. E-e-e... I somehow not so-so represented this marriage.

Too different

At the first stage of the relations a difference in intelligence, outlooks on life and life can be imperceptible. Sometimes the misalliance of the man is found charming (you remember expression "charm what little fool"?), and clutch at the head and run, dropping slippers, already later. Sometimes hope to change the partner ("well you will think – the sloven, not in this happiness") that too – bad job.

It "works" in both parties.


  • You do not clean up chronically, in an emphasis do not see a dirty floor and consider that on cases in general you should not dust, it it is not visible, and he is a pedant and the neatnik. Or on the contrary – the man scatters dirty socks everywhere, does not watch a cover of a toilet bowl and cannot repair the broken crane, to it and is so normal, and you since the childhood are accustomed to purity and an order.
  • You watch "Dom2", and it is ready to throw out the TV in general. Or he adores "Psychic Challenge", and you include only Kultura channel.
  • You prefer quiet evenings together, it – soul of the company (from which you from first minute of communication are hurt by the head). And, maybe, at you tradition to go with girlfriends to a sit-round gathering whereas the partner considers that time you together, more nobody is necessary to you?

If nobody is ready to make a compromise, the risk is high to leave. But, maybe, it to the best. So everyone will have a chance to find to itself suitable couple.

Stumbling block – sex

It is more, than a difference in characters and behavior. If with intellectual superiority of one of partners of couple successfully live as live the meek creature and soul of the company, then at a discrepancy in sex it is impossible to keep the relations for a long time almost at anybody.

If the man in the imaginations the slave, is also excited only from images of strict madam, and the woman wants at this time that she was taken, on the contrary, as it is possible more roughly … how they they will derive pleasure from proximity?

Some women do not like anal sex and/or oral caress. There are men recognizing only a "missionary" pose. Someone from couple is ready to have sex several times a day, and another and once a week more than has enough.

The man in any of the above situations can will try to re-educate the partner under himself if it does not turn out, to reconcile (and quietly to change), but there is always an option that he will spit and will find that, with which at it full coincidence in the intimate plan.

And you will do nothing here.

Women's treason

To this reason of leaving of men women – thousands of years, but it is always relevant. The stronger sex does not reconcile to unfaithfulness, and this its right. If someone "steps to himself on a throat" and forgives the traitress, to it it backfires. He begins to gnaw himself, to remember constantly, feels small also offended. To anything good it does not lead.

Do not change, women. Especially still the classic wrote that "we are faithful while we love". And if you do not love, then it is more honest to leave.

If nevertheless changed, but you want to keep marriage, partnership, respect, in every way try not to come across. Never admit treason, you are silent as the guerrilla on interrogation. Otherwise – the end to the relations.Treason in most cases means the end to the relations

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team