5 reasons why the guy from Tinder was gone after the first appointment

5 reasons why the guy from Tinder was gone after the first appointment

Virtual acquaintances not always receive desirable continuation in real life. If the guy from Tinder was gone after the first appointment, so its expectations were not met, it represented the girl absolutely in a different way.

Popular applications and dating sites help lonely people to meet. It is possible to find the partner in interests and to start a virtual conversation, flirtation. But not always pleasant communication in Tinder develops into the novel in real life. Sometimes it happens so that guys vanish after the first internal appointment. And on it there can be several reasons. 

Not such, as on a photo

At acquaintance to girls on the websites and in popular applications the guys pay attention to appearance. Having seen the photo, they draw a certain image in the imagination. If at a meeting it turns out that the new acquaintance at all not such as on a photo, there is a disappointment. Most likely, after the first appointment the guy will be gone. If there is a wish that the relations from the virtual plane turned into reality, it is necessary to be truthful initially. You should not load a photo of ten-year prescription or fairly edited. It concerns also other information on itself. Choosing honesty, it is possible to hope that the meeting will be not only. 

Too talkative or closed

If on the first appointment the girl talks without a stop, without giving to the acquaintance even of chance to tell something about herself or it is at least simple to insert several phrases, most likely, communication on it will end. Sometimes it is necessary to be more reserved. The wisdom of the woman consists in ability to support dialogue, but not to deprive of the interlocutor of the right to express. The excessive reticence, isolation can play a dirty trick too. With such girls simply it is not interesting. In that a problem of many timid persons. In Tinder they communicate is more liberated, and in real life are lost. 

Too persuasive

By the nature guys hunters. It is important to them to realize that they make decisions. The persistence of the girlfriend from Tinder is capable to frighten off. If the girl already at the first meeting begins to make plans, asks where she will be called next time, offers the help when it about it is not asked, becomes ""too stuffy"". You should not advance events. It will do only good. 

The girl with the overestimated requirements

Some women go too far, wishing to make an impression on the new acquaintance. On the first appointment they try to emphasize once again as far as they are unique and beautiful. And still try to raise the status in the opinion of the satellite stories about what gifts to them were given by other men to what expensive resorts carried. Girls expect to interest the potential partner, but it results in opposite effect. Wealthy guys, as a rule, perceive it as attempt at their purses. And men with small prosperity begin to have complex. 

Different expectations from acquaintance

In the course of communication in Tinder it is not always possible to find out all moments. Correspondence with the stranger does not give full information that it is necessary for him. And it is directly not really convenient to ask about it. On the first appointment it becomes clear to men that the girl expects from acquaintance. A talk about the serious relations and search of the husband at such meeting will frighten off any. Guys of it do not love. As a rule, after such unsuccessful first meeting they disappear forever. It becomes terrible to them to communicate with the girl who is ready for everything quicker to put on a wedding dress further. Happens and so that the girl shows levity on the first appointment, and her acquaintance from Tinder wants the serious relations. One-day affairs are not interesting to it. In this case it is necessary to recognize that expectations at people different. You should not regret for the communication termination. It is better to look for more suitable candidacy, but at the same time to correct a little the behavior. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team