5 secrets of successful seducing of men

5 secrets of successful seducing of men

To tempt men, women have to be able to make the correct impression and to show some affection which will attract men. Preliminary psychological preparation is in this case very important.

First of all guys estimate natural beauty of the woman. However it quickly passes into the background as after some time of communication, the person begins to pay attention to mind of the interlocutor, ability it is correct to behave in society, femininity, honesty and some other qualities. If to reject aside character, and to consider only an external image, men like to look at how the woman goes as she sits, curves a back and touches own body. Only completely controlling the behavior, the girl will be able easily to tempt the desirable guy and to achieve intimate proximity with it.

The first method of seducing which is often used by women it is a game with hair. Hair belong to one of the sexiest parts of a female body. Sit down opposite to your interlocutor, stir up the head that your hair were scattered on shoulders. Besides, you can periodically run over them hands, thereby drawing attention of the man.

The second way of seducing of men consists in touch to wrists. The inside of wrists affects men excitingly too therefore you can correct sleeves, having a little bared this part of the body. The third way which you can use - a pokusyvaniye of lips. If you, communicating with the interlocutor, as if accidentally carry out by a language tip on an upper lip, and then slightly bite lower, such action can dement the man. He will surely want to make with you the same. Besides, men pay attention to female legs. Try to select such clothes which will emphasize your advantages. It not necessarilynot necessarily has to be the miniskirt. Choose the long fitting dress on which there will be a frank section. When you sit near the man, you can periodically shift one leg to another, drawing to them attention of the desired man. Do not forget that people love smiling and open interlocutors. Constantly support visual contact with the guy, smile to it and try to behave naturally. The look in eyes is capable to cause disturbing excitement. Remember that it is necessary to look at the man mysteriously and a little frankly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team