5 signs of the man whom it is better to leave

Sometimes, living with the man who obviously does not suit it, the woman believes that she loves him and tries to recover the relations which became already hopeless. However, alas, it can be waste of time and forces.

Women can treat the beloved differently. Some consider that the character of the man can be changed. Some use for this purpose long "training", act with time cunning, and at times scandals and try to remake blessed "under themselves". Others accept the partner it what he is, with all shortcomings and advantages. Sometimes, putting on pink glasses, women of both types can see signs that the relations already reached a deadlock not at once, and with it it is necessary to do something.

With what should not you be reconciled after all? What signs of men, the relations with which it is better not to continue?

1. The widespread option - at the man is the set of rules and laws on which there has to live a woman. Deviations from them are not allowed. The wife, according to him, is obliged to perform all housework, is uncomplaining to him to submit. Without having own opinion, she has to be happy only that he chose it. It always has to have fresh clothes, a tasty dinner, purity in the apartment. Even the disease of the wife is not considered justification of the fact that she did not manage to make something.

2. If the man the fan to drink, life with him turns into hell. Constant abuse, reproaches, it is frequent and manhandling are capable to drive the woman to despair. When the relations only began, she, perhaps, did not pay attention to this bad habit of the man. Over the years the situation often only becomes worse. 3. The man who achieved nothing in life begins to envy others, to be angry if the wife has a good work, and her career goes uphill. Diffident, he tries to lock the woman within four walls. Most often such men insist that they have to dispose of money, giving to the wife a certain sum on products. At the same time the man remains is dissatisfied if the wife exceeded an expense or made a purchase which he does not approve even if it is made not on its money.4. There is one more type of men of whom it is worth steering clear is fans to live at the expense of women. As a rule, they do not buy products, explaining it with the fact that they do not like to go shopping. In cafe suddenly it becomes clear that the man left a wallet at home, and now grants to the lady the right to pay for it. He cannot call as it terminated money on phone. If it repeats over and over again, it is hardly temporary difficulties. Just and so everything suits the man. 5. There is an easy way to understand whether this man is necessary to you. For this purpose it is necessary to present your joint life in several years. Only try to see things really, but not through pink glasses. If you understand that you with horror think of such prospect - it is the most important sign that it is time to break off the relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team