5 things which should not be done for men

5 things which should not be done for men

Women in the aspiration to make happy the beloved make, sometimes, daredevil acts which badly give in to correction. Not to regret deeds, it is always better to remind himself what does not need to be done for the stronger sex in the relations.

To sacrifice career and the dreams

The love and sacrifice at women often go hand in hand. Having met the soulmate, they leave antecedents, career, hobbies, friends, turning the man into the personal center of the Universe. Perhaps, first your elect will be happy to such decision. But also probability is high that sooner or later to it will bother to see a number of the person which does not develop in any way and will close only on the love relations.

Consider if you sometime leave, it is possible to make a claim for unrealized dreams and the purposes only to himself. Nothing is capable to force the adult to refuse the life, except personal desire. At the same time it is necessary to be ready to feel all measure of responsibility. Having broken off such relations, the man will go further almost without loss, and you will never return years which could be devoted to study, the self-development loved by a hobby.

Remember that any extremes – are dangerous. Therefore try to leave at least a little time for yourself. Such approach will give to confidence, will raise a self-assessment that will be surely noticed by your man.

To solve for it problems and to be sorry

When the loved one has difficulties, there is a wish to support him and to regret. However, women easily overstep that bound when the simple sympathy is wrapped in a vzvalivaniye on itself men's issues. As result, they become eternal leaders in the relations and continue to drag further everything on themselves, hopelessly having spoiled the partner. Or the man leaves as lost a leading role in this union.

It is important to remember that the man will not be able to fall in love with the woman feeling pity for him. Therefore during the difficult period support your man, but do not take away from it leader positions at all. If he is sick, remain a row, encourage, it is only not necessary to become despondent and indulge weaknesses of your half. If problems concern finance, give advice and share information, but do not charge yourself with material security of the man. He has to understand that the main steps on a solution of a problem should be taken most. But, having overcome difficulties, your elect will feel even stronger, more surely, and the balance in the relations will not be broken.

To buy expensive gifts

When the man presents to the darling expensive gifts, it confirms his role of the getter and leader in the relations once again. The vanity of the girl too does not suffer at all as it is pleasant to it to feel care and attention. But if to turn a situation on the contrary, nothing good will turn out.

Presenting the partner with more generous gifts, than he can present in reply, the woman puts it in a humiliating situation. To reconcile to such situation to the man it is difficult, and sometimes and it is impossible. Therefore gifts approximately equal at cost will be ideal option. Otherwise, there is a danger that your elect will like a dependency, and he will begin to use love for himself in the mercenary purposes.

To change the appearance

If you are happy with the appearance, never agree to change it to please to desires of the man. When he chose you and paid attention, everything suited it. He wanted to be with you, but not with some other, improved version. Therefore to start conversations about a new color of hair or the bigger size of a breast from its party, at least, it is strange.

Each person has the right to remain himself, and surely there will be the one who will fall in love with it in this original state. For all others who are dissatisfied with appearance of the partner there is a huge choice among other men and women. After all, it can return on the market of bachelors and continue search of the ideal. But it is wrong to mold this ideal against others will.

Another matter – to look good and look after itself. If eventually, you began to be lazy, to pay less attention to appearance, claims of the man look quite reasonable. He fell in love once with one woman, and as a result received absolutely another.

Also small concessions in trifles are quite admissible. For example, to put on a dress at its request more often or to grow long hair. Steps towards – norm in the relations, it is important to stop when others desires can have irreversible consequences for health, as in a case with the same plastic surgery.

To lower the standards

Your habits and preferences are a part you. Though any person changes eventually, remember that such changes have to be to the best. If the man suggests to take for the sake of him several steps back, then such kickback will not lead to anything good. For example, you got used to have a rest at the sea two times a year, and he gets out to warm regions of times a five-years period.

Of course, everyone has temporary difficulties or standards, your with the partner, grow with a different speed. The main thing that the man aspired to the best, developed and it wanted to appear as soon as possible with you at one level. Seeing it, it is possible to wait and to concede in something. It is much worse if he considers the standard of living acceptable, and not against to remain on it the long time. Having lowered the standards, you will not be able to be respectful to it and to be happy within its ideas of wellbeing. Such relations are doomed to parting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team