5 types of appointments to which it is never impossible to agree

5 types of appointments to which it is never impossible to agree

When the person only gathers for an appointment, it is already possible to understand, it is worth going on a meeting or not. Happens so that already prior to a meeting clear: it is more correct to stay at home. There are several types of appointments on which you should not agree under no circumstances.

The man keeps itself waiting in due time

When people are going to go on a date, they have to be punctual. In life there is anything (for example, problems with transport). All circumstances cannot be provided. Therefore small falling off is admissible.

But if the man is late for an appointment more, than for 10 min., he has to call, speak, reschedule a meeting at least. If it does not occur, safely you enter the phone number in the black list.

To be late – means to show disrespect. It concerns both girls, and men. But so it developed that to the fair sex similar small weaknesses say goodbye. And here to guys to keep waiting for itself inadmissibly. The man who does not appreciate your time keeps waiting, will never change and further will scornfully treat you. Let will better carry you to whimsical persons, than the self-assessment and mood will suffer.

Meeting with the "economical" gentleman

Some men are afraid that the woman, so to speak, will dissolve them on a visit of cafe. For this reason they refuse to meet indoors. A part of men adheres to a position not to invite to the first appointment in cafe. Thus they check interest of the interlocutor in them, but not in a free lunch in cafe.

In certain cases also excesses meet. For example, some guys manage to invite the girl to the park during a rain and a gale or in -20 °C. It is clear, that such appointment should not take place.

Maybe there are girls who for the sake of having a snack in cafe are ready to go out on dates with men uninteresting to them. But if it is "heavy" to gentleman to pay for similar pastime, it is worth thinking whether such "copy" is necessary to you.

Appointment in carelessly picked up place

The appointment has to take place in such place where to both it will be comfortable where it is possible to have a good time. If, for example, it is offered to meet in some eatery fast food, you should not agree to such appointment.

Even if you adore eating greedily hamburgers or shawarma, there are much more comfortable places with the democratic prices where it is possible to regale on the same dishes. But at the same time there will be no making a din crowd of teenagers. If to it all the same for these moments, and he is ready to hold an appointment in the similar place (by the way why there, but not in the student's dining room what to waste time on trifles), it is worth thinking of continuation of acquaintance to this boyfriend strong.

The boyfriend is not strongly interested in a meeting

Gentlemen a position "meet I miss you, come". At the same time the man does not want to go anywhere, nothing to organize, does not show interest in any way. You have to arrive to its area and a maximum what he is capable of, to potusit with you in cafe near the house to which it is not necessary to go. And still the account will halve.

To pass couple of stops on transport in coffee shop with tasty Hong Kong wafers? Yes well, fast food near the house in shopping center. Nothing terrible that you to it two hours to go to one party, come. To leave on recreation facility? Well, if you agree and will organize. And he will grumble still that you pull it unclear where.

If the gentleman does not wish to make a minimum of efforts that the appointment took place, it is better for such meeting not to be. Most likely, such man is not interested in you at all. If to leave him alone and just not to call, not to write and not to pull out anywhere, most likely no appointments will exist at all.

Appointment with "not that" the man

You meet the man who invites you to an appointment. Girlfriends repeat that he is a handsome man whom by all means it is necessary to meet for acquaintance continuation.

And here it not strongly hooked on you. You cannot even understand that in it not so. Just new acquaintance is not pleasant to you also everything here. For any reason. Growth not such, a jacket not beautiful, the ears bulged. It doesn't matter. And it is already an occasion not to go out on dates.

When you go on a date with the unfamiliar man, be provident, have ways of retreat. Be morally and are financially ready to pay for themselves (and at times and for both). Perfectly, if the man is decent. If is not present, at least, you will be able to leave such appointment with is proud of the raised head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team