5 types of men who frighten off girls on the first appointment

5 types of men who frighten off girls on the first appointment

The first appointment is some kind of check on compatibility after which its participants solve whether they want to move further or prefer to stop, without having begun. Each specific person has personal selection criteria of potential partners in life. However some moments nevertheless are not pleasant to the majority therefore significantly increase risk of failure after the first meeting.


Women love generous men. Especially, on the first appointment. Far more offensively it to observe when the potential gentleman is keen on calculation of finance much more, than desire to impress favourably the new acquaintance. If he complains of problems with money, asks the separate account in cafe, defiantly looks for the cheapest dishes in the menu, then probability is high that communication will end after the first meeting.

Perhaps, the woman not less economically also makes thrifty use of money, but greed in this case means lack of strong sympathy or desire for acquaintance continuation for her more likely. Time the man, without thinking, shows to the unfamiliar lady the not best qualities, she is not really interesting to it. Certainly, this fact will strongly wound female vanity. At the beginning, being fond of a love game, people usually try to look better, than is actually. Therefore avarice and the first appointment – incompatible things. Of course, it is not necessary to squander money, especially, if they are absent, but it is possible to think up some lovely surprises and to show care at any budget. For example, to treat with coffee at own expense or to pay the taxi, seeing off the new acquaintance. She will surely estimate efforts of the gentleman, of course, if does not look for the millionaire with the yacht and ferarr.


The mistrust to liars is put in the person at the subconscious level. Therefore any signs specifying that lies is not alien to the man at once sharply lower its chances of success after the first appointment. For example, communicating on the Internet, he said that he returned from the sea resort recently. And having met personally, tells how was not on vacation several years. Such inconsistencies definitely will not be pleasant to the woman. It is especially unpleasant if the gentleman at her begins to lie by phone that it has a business meeting, or defiantly does not answer calls. The internal female radar immediately begins to signal that it has some secrets. For example, the new acquaintance is not lonely at all therefore he is afraid of exposure of the true status.

But even if it is known that he is absolutely precisely free, the lie is unpleasant in itself. If the man impudently lies at the initial stage of the relations, then it will continue to do it and further. It is not enough who voluntarily to agree to be deceived.


If already on the first appointment the woman notices that the new acquaintance is not able to behave, communicate with it, most likely, it will not want her further. Already in itself it is unpleasant to witness boorish behavior of the man. However the woman is guarded more by other moment. She understands that in the near future she can be object of its aggression also. Prospect to fall a victim of the tyrant – not the most pleasant reason for acquaintance continuation.

The jealousy belongs to one of bright manifestations of aggression. If the guy on the first appointment begins to find out details of last relations, asks about friendship with men and very emotionally reacts, perhaps, it has serious problems with trust to the darling. Certainly, it is pleasant to women when they are a little jealous, but nobody wants to justify himself and be constantly under suspicion. Between total control and loneliness of the lady, with high probability, choose the second option.


Of course, any person has difficult moments in life, and he should not gush forth infinitely optimism, even on the first appointment at all. However, if the man, having hardly met the woman, begins to complain her of life, she will hardly estimate such sincere rush. One business when about problems it is told casually to dilute a stream of jokes and to lower degree of a cheerful spirit a little. Also it does not do if the new acquaintance, without hesitating, lists the last failures, troubles, disappointments on an appointment. Moreover also asks himself to regret.

Pity – not that feeling from which the true love and attachment grows. Near the loser male the woman herself also will begin to feel the insolvency soon. It is not enough, it will want to whom from the first appointment, to listen about problems, to serve as a vest and to plunge voluntarily into others negative.


To get drunk on the first appointment – a certain way to turn it into the last. When the man does not know when to stop in alcohol intake, the woman will hardly want to have with it something the general. To pass away evening of a meeting behind couple of glasses of wine and to appear in absolutely deranged state – two big differences. The alcoholism problem in our society is too strong and popular not to understand its danger. Girls are ready for a lot of things to close eyes in the relations, but they will not begin to tolerate harmful dependences.

 However, other extreme connected with absolutely sober way of life guards the weaker sex too, directing at suspicions about fight against alcoholism. In general this subject – quite ticklish and is better not to focus excessive attention on it. And precisely the unfamiliar woman should not give lectures about harm of alcoholic drinks if she wants to relax a little, and the gentleman does not drink at all. Respect to each other from the first appointment will do only good to the arising relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team