5 types of women whom you should not contact

5 types of women whom you should not contact

Each man has the image of the ideal woman, but very few people know what types should be avoided on the way. Some girls perfectly mask, and many manage to be distinguished already on the first appointment. There are several types of women with whom it is almost impossible to construct the long and harmonious relations.

Mercantile hunterFor this lady important only financial position, social status, generosity. She will be ready to speak for days on end to the man about how he is fine and unique, at the same time extending money for the next new handbag or a dress. Perceives himself as a gift, and the man as the sponsor ready to fork up at any time on its new whim or to execute the most improbable desire. But if the elect has financial problems, immediately will evaporate, having directed on a meeting to a new dream. It is difficult to many men to resist against such beauties, but they will be lovely exactly so much on how many the sponsor will have enough means. Therefore it is hardly possible to call such relations perspective.

In marriage at any cost

It is simple to distinguish this type. Usually signs are shown already through couple of appointments. If the darling hurries to move to you for cohabitation or constantly hints at the child's birth, it is already a reason for concern. Such women will be ready to do anything to catch treasured "yes" in the REGISTRY OFFICE and not to be worse than the girlfriends. At the same time it is not so important whether the elect or not, the main thing that the objective was achieved loves it. If the man does not show willingness to get married, it switches to the following potential groom. Usually after a marriage the woman loses interest in an object. In this case about good relations between the man and the woman already the speech does not go.

Excessively attachedIf at the beginning of the relations the infinite requests and recognitions can be pleasant and bring feeling of necessity to the person, then later short time the excessive attention becomes intolerable. For such women the man is the only meaning of existence. The lady dives into the next relations with the head, doing by the center of the Universe only of the elect. Usually it is easy to distinguish it on absence of girlfriends as it spends all the attention for continuous clarifications of location of the man and with what he is busy at this moment. When ignoring messages and calls it falls into a hysterics at once, and reacts to any doubt in sincerity of feelings too emotionally. The man in such relations literally chokes with lack of personal space. You should not waste the time for the similar relations as they will not lead to anything good.

Infantile manipulator

The woman of this kind is not able to cope with any serious problem. She does not understand in any global questions, in the majority of situations feels like the helpless child to whom it is urgently necessary to come to the rescue. The caress and attention have to be indispensable attribute of these relations. At the woman in this case the only and indisputable advantage – beauty is had by time. Except attractive appearance, as a rule, they have nothing to offer. But with age lines which seemed lovely and naive turn into silly and boring. In extreme cases the infantilism can be followed by talent of manipulation and ability to shed a tear where it is necessary. To get rid of such copies even more difficult because process can be complicated by threats towards the man. In a rush of emotions the woman can lose control and do much harm not only to the elect, but also herself. Before beginning the similar relations, it is necessary to think well whether all this is necessary.

Desperate "not housewife"

With this woman it is worth forgetting about homeliness and purity. The laziness in this plan can grow to the inconceivable sizes, then all household chores will lay down on male shoulders. After the difficult working day it will not be able quietly to have a rest in the house any more and to enjoy homemade food since all this at first should be made most. Cooking, washing and house cleaning will become the man's duty. And the laziness belongs not only to household chores, but also to appearance of the woman. Why to spend the precious time for procedures, the man has to love it such what it is. If the overestimated self-conceit is added to it, then with such woman the existence becomes intolerable. The man has to execute any whim only because she allowed it to be near.

There are a lot more types which can complicate the man's life. The main thing not to be obsessed with each other shortcomings, and to raise and develop together. Then it will be possible to close eyes to small defects.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team