5 ways to achieve fidelity of darling

5 ways to achieve fidelity of darling

The relations with the ladies' man can be compared to life near a volcano: never you know when the next trouble in the form of its new passion falls down the head. Such existence causes keen desire to achieve from it fidelity. But how to make it?

The ladies' man is a male who values the freedom, considers himself unique, only and thinks that only for him all women are created. He is carried away by a game with ladies "cat and mouse". Similar "hunting" brings new feelings, feelings, emotions in life. Certainly, feeling pleasure from female attention, and the thought will not come to its mindto its mindto its mind to change. Even if he will stop the choice on you and will agree to the serious relations, then the look periodically will turn "on the left". You, in turn, risk to have constant stresses from continuous unfaithfulness. Only if to achieve fidelity of the man is your unshakable, firm decision, then it is necessary only to work. There are several ways for achievement of this purpose:

1. Use its "weapon". You do not speak about feelings, you do not call, pretend that for you it — fleeting hobby. His self-esteem will be definitely wounded — you did not give in to its charms, respectively, are not similar to the others. But do not overdo – your excessive coldness can push away the man.

2. Create intrigues. Become a female riddle which should be won. Let considers what does not correspond to your ideals. At the same time make a small hint that nevertheless it has a chance. When he is fully confident in a victory — again move away. Even close relations do not prevent to stir in such a way interest.

3. Do not show jealousy. It is the worst way to try to hold someone. And especially the light-headed ladies' man, for him the fidelity is only a silly word. You will frighten him of such behavior, will let know that you wish to turn into property.4. Surprise. Effective female means — beauty. Try to be unique and original, to appear every time of Novaya Gazeta before it. You remember about good taste, experiments have to be pleasant, but not throw it in shock. Become the desired and pleasant interlocutor. Make so that with you it was interesting to the man, how with the person who has a broad outlook. Combining mind, a riddle, beauty lack of passion for various scandals it is possible to force the man to return constantly — comparison with you will not be borne by other his hobbies. And, it is possible that your ladies' man will be visited once by a thought of the termination of unfaithfulness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team