6 acts of the woman after which any man will leave

6 acts of the woman after which any man will leave

Each man has ideas of morals and of how the darling has to behave. But some female acts are capable to enrage. After such misses any will leave.

It is difficult to construct the relations between the man and the woman, but at the same time it is easy to destroy. A lot of things depend on character of people, on their ideas of the perfect union. Everyone can make mistakes. At the same time reaction to them is different. Some men are unaffected by the fact that their darlings flirt on the party or badly prepare, and it is not acceptable for others. But there are things which men, as a rule, do not forgive. 

If a usual campaign on the party some men are also capable to forgive to the darling, then sex with the friend is not present. It very strongly wounds their vanity. They consider such act double treason. Not only that the woman was not faithful, so also dishonored it before the friend. The paradox is that quite often ""cuckolds"" delete the beloved from the heart, and with the friend remain in the friendly relations. Perhaps, it is one of manifestations of male solidarity. 

It is very sore point for each man. All disagreements have to be solved in the civilized way. Quarrels and scandals do not need to be taken out on public not to wound self-esteem of the elect. Manhandling, especially public, men do not forgive. Even if the woman is very dear, after a similar situation it is necessary to make the choice between it and preservation of own advantage in the opinion of people around or even before by itself. Men since the childhood are taught that it is impossible to beat women. When to have to be influenced by roughness and manhandling, they are lost. The man cannot answer the same respecting himself. It is necessary only to say goodbye to that which went beyond all limits of legal. 

The roughness and tough statements concerning the beloved are unacceptable in principle. But there are special spheres which can concern only extremely carefully and delicately. Men take painfully everything that is connected with sex. The rough remark concerning intim and ""lower chakra"" is capable to wound their vanity. Top of female nonsense are such statements as ""there now, again at you nothing left" ", " "can, you are an impotent man and it is necessary for you to the doctor" "or" "my former were much better than you"". You should not be surprised if after similar statements the elect suggests to leave, and later will begin to look for that which will force to believe in itself again. 

Unflattering and venomous remarks to relatives of the man are not acceptable, especially if to express them enough rudely. Such behavior will not remain unpunished. Sneers at parents in general are a taboo. Even if the man himself sometimes affords jokes concerning strange behavior of mother or the father, the woman should not interfere with it. It is better to keep silent. Public insult of his relatives in most cases leads to a gap. And psychologists assure that it is correct. There are personal borders which cannot be broken. If the woman affords obscene expressions to parents of the man, most likely, she automatically will become former. 

In the modern world the money is of great importance, but in everything it is necessary to observe a measure. If the man has no opportunity to buy even necessary, it is impossible to demand from it a mink coat or expensive ornament. Such whim can backfire to the lady. Especially it is impossible to dispose of its personal or even general money at discretion. It is not about ordinary expenditure, and about large purchases. Some women are so sure of the impunity that they are able to afford to take the last money without demand and to spend for expensive ornament, smart clothes. Such act any man respecting himself will not forgive. If it has a self-respect, it will at once leave. 

For some ladies the lie becomes a way of life. In a number of situations it helps them to save the relations, to suppress some unpleasant facts. It is difficult to live with such person. It is possible to get used to it, but not any deception can be ignored. When the lie which affected is opened or could affect destiny, normal men leave. Such act it is impossible to forgive. Especially painfully they endure news of false pregnancy, that it is necessary to bring up not the child. Some women in the insidiousness come so far that are ready to slander any of an inner circle of the elect. It leads to long quarrels. For some time the purpose becomes reached. But after it is possible to find deception, the man at once leaves. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team