6 myths about others relations

6 myths about others relations

Myths and incorrect ideas of others relations often prevent to build own. In practice it turns out that at other couples too not everything is sweet. Not for nothing there is a saying about a grass in the next kitchen garden. Here 6 myths about others relations most of which often meet at women's forums and the websites.


1. They stronger fallen in love. Where you met your girlfriend, her guy always gently look at her and strong holds by a hand. They constantly kiss and look each other in the face. And your guy is even afraid to take you for a waist. But whether it means what he less you loves? Of course not.

2. At them there is so much general. Your familiar couple constantly discusses last events and makes plans for the future? For certain at them there is a lot of general. And you even about weather cannot talk to the man. Actually you have a lot of common ground too, otherwise you could not be together.

3. They do not quarrel at all. Your girlfriend never complained of behavior of the guy, and they have a full mutual understanding. And you constantly quarrel and clap doors. Remember, in any relations there are quarrels, even in the strongest and warm sooner or later.

4. He is jealous its all the time, loves stronger. If your man is not jealous, it does not mean that he does not appreciate you. Just he trusts you and believes that you will not leave him anywhere.

5. He does not stare at other women at all. The men's nature is arranged so that the male will notice the beautiful girl anyway even if he is married 30 years. So the guy of your girlfriend, most likely, very skillfully masks.

6. It gives it many gifts. In practice more often it turns out that the woman thought up a half of gifts, and just constantly exposes the second half on display. Think, really your man so seldom indulges you?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team