6 reasons why Kate Middleton and prince William ideally suit one another

6 reasons why Kate Middleton and prince William ideally suit one another

Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011 in the Westminster abbey. Now spouses are happy and bring up three children. Catherine and William got acquainted in 2001 during study in college, for these years could know well each other and start a strong family.

In media, news about quarrels in family of prince William and Kate Middleton occasionally appear, even rumors about a divorce went. But after all many consider them ideal couple, and for this purpose there are at least 6 reasons.

Catherine and William have many general hobbies, many of them appeared even during study in college. Young people do charity work, ski and arrange invited dinners for friends. Kate and William love dogs, and in their families bred canine friends all the time. In the childhood the prince had a Labrador, and Catherine has a cocker spaniel. Now the duke and the duchess Cambridge has a pet too — Lupo's cocker spaniel. Spouses prefer to have a rest together, places are pleasant to them identical: Indian Ocean or Caribbean Islands.

Kate and William equally love sport: organize boats races, are fond of board games, tennis, field hockey, swimming, water polo and run, love country walks. The married couple has to have common interests which allow them to spend cheerfully time and not to miss together.

William several times admitted to journalists that he likes the wife's jokes though sometimes they are very naughty. In many photos they laugh, and, so to them cheerfully together. But not always the humour of married couple is harmless, sometimes they make fun of each other rather defiantly, but also it does their relations stronger.

Disagreements in education of children can lead to serious problems in any couple. But it definitely not about Kate and William. Spouses spend with children much time, and they are helped by only one nurse. The duke and the duchess try to impart to little successors love for sports and reading, teach them not to be afraid to express the emotions.

Even on an official action ideal couple will find time for each other to share impressions, to joke or posekretnichat. And when Kate married the prince, he helped it to accustom and made everything that she felt comfortable in the big royal family.

The prince and the duchess maintain good relations with all relatives. Kate was admitted to the royal family at once, and William's choice was approved by the crowned grandmother. The prince always gets on with Catherine's relatives: her parents, brother James and sister to Pippa.

Many friends at Kate and William appeared in student's years and as they studied together, and a circle of acquaintances at them the general. For this reason the royal couple invites to holidays and parties of all together: friends of the prince and Catherine's girlfriends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team