6 reasons why women do not want to ask men about the help

6 reasons why women do not want to ask men about the help

In the modern world most of women do not hurry to appeal to men about the help. Women feel fear to seem weak in the opinion of men, incapable to solve the arisen situation independently or to face misunderstanding. All these fears force women to solve the pulled hard problems alone, to hope only for own forces. Unfortunately, similar relations between the sexes meet quite often.

Inability of the woman to accept the men's help

Many women are simply incapable to accept the help from the man, do not trust or do not want to trust in forces of an opposite sex. This position is put since the early childhood. Such women grew up in family where all things were done by mother. The father did not take active part in education or was absent in their life. They follow an example of mother, do not believe that existence of men, other, other than their fathers, perhaps.If such ladies meet the worthy person, they will not ask of him for help as are convinced that they will solve a problem much better. According to them, men are simply incapable to run business qualitatively and without laziness. A habit to drag everything on itself, realizing conceived independently in perfection – one of the main factors of unwillingness of women to ask for help.

The arrogance is the second essential reason. It destroys wellbeing in family, undermines the relations. It is necessary to learn to cross through it and to take steps towards to the man. The woman needs the help of the defender, but hesitates to address him because of own irrepressible arrogance. Over reason of proud ladies the fear to seem silly, weak or pathetic, to lose deserved authority prevails. It is difficult for such women to recognize that in some situations the man can solve a problem better and quicker.

It is possible to carry a problem of misunderstanding of male behavior to the third reason. The woman asked, the man did not hear or misunderstood. As a result it seems to her that he ignores a request, does not want to help. In most cases this problem is invented, a consequence of misunderstanding on both sides. Having come up several times against similar situations, the woman comes to a conclusion that everything needs to be done most. She more does not even try to ask about the help or once again to explain a problem.It is necessary to remember that thinking at men and women a miscellaneous. The book "Men from Mars, Women from Venus" by the talented expert and the psychologist in the field of the human and family relations John Gray is remembered at once. It is necessary to learn to understand each other, not to draw hasty conclusions, not to make mistakes because of which it is possible to remain lonely. Before taking offense, it is worth being convinced once again that the man is not busy with any thoughts and precisely heard you.

Absence at men of telepathic abilities

Their confidence that gentlemen have to have telepathic abilities is not the so rare reason of unwillingness of women to ask for men's help. Ladies do not ask for help because the man has to guess itself that needs to be made. This wrong position of women leads to frequent offenses and disagreements in the relations. It is not enough men who are capable to guess, it is necessary to sound the requests.

Unwillingness of the man to become the reliable defender and a support

Many women face unwillingness and inability of men to help to solve the pulled hard problems. They do not ask for help of such persons as foreknow that the refusal or false assurances will follow. Empty promises of men and total absence of desire to help – the fifth reason because of which ladies do not want to ask for men's help.It is difficult for woman to guess at once what person before it, but if the man did not keep the promised word several times, most likely he will never constrain it. You should not lay hopes for such people.

The sixth reason – the mercenary help. Women can not appeal to an opposite sex because of fear that the man will ask something in exchange. You should not deal with such persons who are not capable to help disinterestedly. In this case, certainly, it is better to solve problems independently.

Whatever was the reason of mistrust of the lady to the man, first of all it is necessary to assess sensibly a situation, to understand that it is a source of unwillingness to ask for help. Each case is individual. Perhaps it is not the man, and in the woman, in her character or in inability to accept the help of other person. If responsible for disagreements is the partner, his inability to be to the lady a support, it is worth thinking whether such person in further family life is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team