6 signs of the married man

6 signs of the married man

Married men quite often hide the marital status that it was simpler to get the relations on the party. But there are certain signs by which it is possible to determine whether the person has a family.

Many women fall in love with married men, without guessing that they have families. Subsequently not to experience moral sufferings, it is always necessary to pay attention to the signs indicating presence at the beloved of the official wife. 

External signs

If attentively to look narrowly at the man, it is possible to draw conclusions on his marital status on external signs. Existence on a ring finger of a wedding ring does not leave doubts that the person is not free. Some men remove a ring when they go on a romantic date with other woman or are in search of adventures. In such cases on a finger it is all the same possible to make out a trace from ornament. 

To learn about marital status of the person, it is possible to glance in his passport under a specious excuse, but in practice it manages to be made not always. It is necessary to pay attention to appearance. Married men are usually very accurately dressed, well-groomed. Their fresh shirts and smoothed out. But it is only indirect signs. Those which watch the appearance independently occur among lonely men. 

Offers meetings only in certain days

If the man is married, he will offer most likely meetings only in certain days. Most often it is everyday life as the exemplary family man spends days off with the wife and children. Or on holiday the married men reject offers on an appointment on Saturday, Sunday, thinking out different occasions. 

If the elect has a family, he will not suggest to spend together a vacation, to celebrate New year. One more sign of the married person - he does not stay overnight from the beloved, and his explanations about it sound not really convincingly. 

Meetings only alone and in the neutral territory 

Married men offer meetings alone. They usually do not acquaint the beloved with relatives or even with friends, fence off her from the social life and almost nothing about themselves tell or try to suppress some facts of the biography. Their confusion can be noticed on external signs.

The married man always suggests to meet in the neutral territory or itself arises on a visit. To himself home he does not call, and prefers meetings in hotels, hotels that has to guard. If the man wants to hide a double life from family and the closest acquaintances, he does not walk from the beloved on the city, in parks, avoids other public places where it can be seen. When the conversation comes about a meeting with friends or a visit of popular restaurant, the married person begins to be nervous. He negatively perceives attempts of darling to be photographed with it and to post photos in social networks because of fear to be recognized. Photos and video in this case can serve as the direct proof of marital infidelity. At joint emergence on the street he diligently avoids manifestation of feelings, becomes more reserved and behaves unnaturally. 

Concern at phone conversation

Married men prefer to hide the mobile phones, do not leave them in open access. If during communication with the girl phone calls, the family person leaves to other room, tries to lower voice and asks to keep quiet. He explains the behavior with need to conduct business negotiations or something else. 

If the man during the appointments switches off the mobile phone, it is not really good sign too. The people conducting a double life often refuse to give to the girl the phone number or give spare number by which it is impossible to phone. 

Strange relation to gifts

The married man accepts gifts not really willingly and subsequently does not use them. If to present him a beautiful purse, perfumery water, a tie, a shirt, most likely, it will hide all this in a far corner. Especially strong rejection in family people is caused by gifts in the form of hand-knitted sweaters, charms in the form of a heart and other things which can be obviously presented only by the woman. 

Denial of the joint future

Married men do not like to talk about the joint future, do not make plans. If the woman wants to expose darling, she can start talking about a wedding or about children and estimate reaction of the beloved. Confused phrases, confusion and requests to postpone a conversation point to presence at the man of family. To dispel the doubts, it is possible to ask a direct question, and then already to make the decision. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team