6 sure signs that the appointment failed

6 sure signs that the appointment failed

Waiting for an important meeting the people often dream, represent as as will be. But quite often after it there is an unpleasant deposit. It is necessary to understand mixed feelings and to understand how unsuccessful was an appointment whether it is worth continuing communication.

After the unsuccessful appointment at heart it becomes heavy, there are doubts in how to behave further. To understand feelings can be difficultcan be difficult. Psychologists advise to pay attention to signs which accompany all failure meetings. Acquaintance to them will help to realize a situation better. After that, perhaps, there will come simplification as it will become clear that you should not waste the time on such person more. 

 Did not let go phones

One of the main signs of the failed appointment is a boredom. If in the course of communication the people do not let go phones, with each other it is not interesting to them. Infinite calls and sending messages indicate that there are things much more important than this meeting. Of course, there are also exceptions. For example, if phone calls are connected with urgent work. But in this case the person has to explain the behavior. Studying pages on social networks during the appointment speaks for itself. If at the first meetings it is boring, what will be farther? It is worth being defined whether such person is so important. To spend evening in phone, the partner is not necessary. 

The distance was not reduced

When people are interesting each other, there is a wish for corporal rapprochement. The speech not affording everything on the first appointment. But at mutual sympathy surely there will be desire to reduce a distance. Even if the relations did not reach more personal level, it is always possible to touch a hand, to sit down closer, to brush away nonexistent motes from a shoulder of the interlocutor. If anything there is no it, most likely, affairs are bad. The tactile contact is very important therefore it is not necessary to justify its absence with excessive modesty. If attempts to approach were, and it caused rejection in the partner, it is senseless to create illusions. The unwillingness of interlocutors to look each other in the face can be considered lack of rapprochement too. It is very thin signal which has to guard. If the person does not look at the potential partner, constantly looks away, long studies the menu or just looks in a plate, so it has no interest.

The conversation was not glued

If to people well together, then most often to find a subject for a conversation not the problem. And when the conversation is not glued, there are awkward pauses. It is necessary to squeeze out from itself some stock phrases. There is a question whether it is better to run up at once. Business can be also in excessive shyness, but by the end of an appointment it is possible and to be liberated. If it does not occur, the meeting can be considered failure. Next time it is necessary to think well before agreeing to such communication. It is possible to keep silent and alone.

Stories about former

It is not accepted to talk about being on an appointment. If an object of sympathy affords it, so it or is badly brought up, or not interested in further meetings. When during the conversation continually slip phrases about the unsuccessful relations, about former, problems in former family, it is necessary to draw the corresponding conclusions. It is worth recognizing that the appointment did not work well. 

Nobody was nervous

Period of origin of the relations always very disturbing. On the first appointments the people involuntarily are nervous, want to make an impression on a sympathy object. It is always felt at the intuitive level. When the meeting takes place too easy and there is a feeling that the interlocutor just came to be uttered, laugh and joke, but not to be pleasant, the appointment can be considered failure. Such relations can develop into friendship, but hardly something serious from this will turn out. 

Quickly said goodbye

When there is a sympathy, there is no wish to say goodbye to the person at all. On the end of a meeting it is possible to judge that, how successfully it took place. If the man suddenly had affairs and he could not see off, and just called the taxi, business is absolutely bad. Of course, for such behavior there can be also objective reasons, but in this case there will be distinct explanations and questions when it is possible to call next time. Dry farewell - a signal that this meeting, most likely, the last. Perhaps, it and to the best. It is better not to develop the unpromising relations from the very beginning. Even if the man will call, not everyone will have a desire to repeat a bad experience. For someone a talk about an entrance, a long talk at parting seems excessive sentimentality, but it is much better, than just to tell each other on duty ""so far"". 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team