6 things which should be discussed prior to a wedding

6 things which should be discussed prior to a wedding

Even if your relations last long very much, it does not mean at all that you for 100% studied each other. A set of the evenings spent together - yet not a guarantee that you discussed very important ""family"" subjects. You could avoid them as superfluous, on ignorance or just did not want to force events. Anyway now, when you decided on much bigger, than meetings near the moon (we speak about a wedding), it is a high time to talk about the main aspects of future family life.


To be or not to be... parents? You need to understand accurately whether your partner plans to get posterity in principle. It is quite possible that he or she does not want to have children at all or plans for the birth of the child are in such long term that it is not known whether in general sometime will be realized. And can be on the contrary, he or she so is eager to become a parent that it is ready to start implementation conceived right after the wedding. Whatever your desires, pledge of family happiness in that in such important questions they coincided were.

Education of children

If both of you aspire to that in your family there were children, it is worth talking about important points of their education a little. Discuss an issue of the choice of religion, division of parental and family responsibilities as you will resolve controversial issues in education.

Place of residence

Wedding - a powerful occasion to think of where you will live after this event. Who to whom will move, perhaps you will live with parents, you will rent apartment or buy housing on credit? The solution of similar questions always demands discussion and search of compromise options.

Future purposes in life

You need to know about plans for the future of the second half and to be to them ready. For example, can happen that he / she in a year plans to leave for work to other city or even the country. Whether you support in this decision of your partner?

Family budget

How will you keep the family budget? Whether it will be the general or separate? How will you plan monthly expenses, large purchases, expenses on care for appearance? All this will also not prevent to discuss in advance.

Family life

Of course, before going to the altar, find out as your partner sees future matrimonial relations that he wishes to receive, his and your role in family life. How will your life after the wedding change? How do you divide household chores? Ask these questions each other, find the options answering to your expectations. And then your family, undoubtedly, will be the happiest!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team