6 traps of the relations: mistakes of naive women

6 traps of the relations: mistakes of naive women

In the relations with an opposite sex of the woman quite often make the same mistakes. They trust widespread beliefs and it becomes the peculiar trap preventing to adjust private life.

Many women badly understand men's psychology and consider that men see and feel the world around just as they are. It forms wrong expectations and traps in the relations. 

Too serious perception of the relations

Often women begin to treat the man too seriously even at the initial stages of development of the novel. They consider if the elect shows attention, looks for with them meetings, gives gifts and gives compliments, so it inevitably will end with a wedding. As a result some begin to make plans for the future and share the reflections with darling, begin to behave is more liberated. 

Actually if the man  finds the woman attractive, he absolutely not necessarily considers her as the potential wife. It is not necessary to try to force events. Such behavior it is possible to frighten the elect, to alienate him from itself. 

 Care reestimation

One of widespread female mistakes - manifestation of persuasive care of the man. They think that they thus will be able to tie the elect, to force it to marry. But men have a few other psychology. Men appreciate not those women who put in them much, and in what they put much. The widespread law of the nature on return of the good done to other people in the love relations does not work. At men in subconsciousness the image of mother caring for the son without any conditions and expectations is postponed. Receiving active attention from the woman, he perceives it as due and does not feel a remorse or the need to answer the same. It does not mean that it is not necessary to care for the elect. Just everything has to be moderately. Making some acts for the sake of the man, the woman should learning to declare openly the requirements or to competently bring the partner to that he showed an initiative. To stand balance of exchange is very laborious work, but he always results in desirable result. 

Ability to sacrifice itself

Readiness to constantly sacrifice itself - one more trap for the relations. Many women think that the ability to push the desires into the background, always to agree with opinion of the partner and to adopt his rules of the game will help to entice the man, to get it to fall in love. They consider that such ""convenient"" relations cannot but be pleasant. Actually this format very quickly bothers. The intrigue, a surprise element begins not to be enough for men. 

Unapproachable fortress

Men by the nature are conquerors. They like to try to obtain arrangement of women, they with pleasure join in this psychological game. But many women are not able to build line of conduct competently. They are closed, represent unapproachable fortress, are completely closed, hoping that in the future it will be possible to construct very strong relations. Most often it results in opposite effect. The man regards flat refusals as lack of interest in his person and ceases to make any attempts. 

Low self-assessment and fear of loneliness

Many modern women suffer from a low self-assessment. Stereotypes are most often imposed by relatives and even dear people. They argue on how it is terrible to remain one as it is important to value the relations. Some seriously consider that if the man deceives, changes or shows disrespect, it needs to be suffered as the woman chose it also other chance arrange private life can't be. The more the person feels impunity, the less he appreciates the partner. 

Because of fear to be rejected the woman can refuse own psychological territory. On the last plan the interests, hobbies, care of themselves, communication, mastering new skills depart. When it happens, the relations are left by freshness and novelty, there is an emptiness as the woman stops being interesting, and she feels suppressed and humiliated. In this situation the union is doomed to a failure. 

Belief in promises

 The words allowing to endure depth and point of the existence are very important for women. Having got acquainted with the man, they believe everything what he speaks about, without being able to separate words from real acts. It is one more trap for the relations. Taking in all good faith all promises, they begin to build according to it a certain line of conduct. It confuses the man or even frightens and such situation gradually leads to a gap. The initiator can become as the man who got used to waste the words and not the person interested to be responsible for them, and the disappointed woman. 

Not to get to a trap, it is not obligatory to call in question each word of the partner, but adequately everything needs to be estimated and to correlate promises to real actions then not to feel disappointment.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team