60 councils how to improve work of a brain

60 councils how to improve work of a brain

existence of common opinion that nervous cages are not restored, scientists confirmed that it not so! Still as are restored! Work of a brain worsens not because of dying off of nervous cages, and because of exhaustion of dendrites which serve as conductors of impulses from one cage to another. If regularly not to include these communications, dendrites atrophy as well as muscles without physical activities.

Many modern people ask the question how to improve memory and work of a brain?

Was considered earlier that new dendrites are formed only at children. But it turned out that neurons can create new dendrites instead of old. Our brain is able to adapt and change the structure. Therefore neurobiky should be engaged regularly – aerobics for brains. It makes active different sites of a brain that they worked more harmoniously and quickly. The purpose of exercises – use of sense organs in different combinations. Dendrites and nervous cages become stronger and better resist aging.

First of all at once we will disprove the myth that tablets for improvement of work of a brain do not exist

We present to your attention 60 councils how to improve work of a brain (activation of a brain):

  1. Solve puzzles and riddles.
  2. Use the left hand instead of right (for lefthanders on the contrary). It will develop ambidexterity.
  3. Pay the attention to ambiguity and uncertainty more. Fall in love with optical illusions and paradoxes.
  4. Block for a while work of one of sense organs: eat blindly, work with the closed ears, etc.
  5. Look for communications between untied subjects.
  6. Use different keyboard layouts.
  7. Look for new ways of use for objects.
  8. Criticize and disprove the guesses and the assumptions.
  9. Develop creative thinking.
  10. You are beyond the first answer which occurred to you.
  11. Wonder more often And that if …?.
  12. Turn wall-paper on a desktop upside down.
  13. Solve logical problems.
  14. Study scientific methods.
  15. Draw.

LifeGid recommends: How to force a brain to work better?

  1. You learn to juggle.
  2. Play sports.
  3. You hold a correct posture.
  4. Drink more water.
  5. Use chopsticks.
  6. You breathe quietly and deeply.
  7. Listen to classical music.
  8. Do not put business away for later.
  9. Change the clothes style. You go barefoot.
  10. Make the life simpler.
  11. Play board games.
  12. Develop humour, think out jokes.
  13. Develop observation. For example, you find a certain brand in a steam of cars. Look for objects of red color.
  14. Create the diary.
  15. Learn other languages.
  16. Eat always in different cafes or restaurants. Prefer ethnic places.
  17. Program on the computer.
  18. You learn to pronounce words on the contrary. For example, word Dream - atchy.
  19. Change a situation: replace the residence, change or move furniture.
  20. Write more: create the blog, write the verse or the story.
  21. Learn a sign language.
  22. You learn to play musical instruments.
  23. You learn fast reading.
  24. Mentally estimate time (which hour now).
  25. Carry out arithmetic calculations in mind.
  26. Remember names of people.
  27. Be engaged in meditation.
  28. You do not watch TV.
  29. Change the speed of performance of daily affairs.
  30. Be engaged only in one business at the same time.
  31. Do not adhere to cognitive prejudices.
  32. Put yourself to the place of foreign person. Represent, other people kind of solved a problem.
  33. Allocate time for rest.
  34. You study new.
  35. Travel. Study other lifestyles.
  36. Get acquainted with works of geniuses.
  37. Communicate with people with whom at you common interests.
  38. Compete.
  39. Surround yourself with critical people who not always agree with you.
  40. Organize brain storms.
  41. Study clever quotes and aphorisms.
  42. Read classical literature.
  43. Develop consciousness.
  44. You speak about the problems aloud.
  45. Describe some true-life story in details.

After performance of all recomandation, work of your brain definitely will reach new level.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team