7 habits of the wife which do not allow the man grow financially

7 habits of the wife which do not allow the man grow financially

The man has to be a getter in family, and calling of the wife is to inspire him on new victories and to support. Some women prevent the husbands to develop because of existence of certain habits and mental sets.

Each man wants to develop, dreams to achieve certain success, financial wellbeing. The woman who is nearby can both help to achieve the objective, and to prevent it. Harmful psychological habits of the wife become the reason of failures quite often all. 

Suggestion of fear

The woman who appreciates stability above all is afraid new and novel unconsciously prevents the husband to try to obtain success. If the man wants to change a job or to begin to be engaged in business, she acts against and adduces many powerful arguments. Such wives inspire in husbands fear and frighten by lack of money. Over time the man himself begins to experience similar emotions, is afraid to take a step aside that the financial position of family did not worsen that was what to feed children. The fear will paralyze and the person does not want to try new any more, to risk, to take leader positions. All this leads to the fact that the man ceases to grow and can hold all life the same position. 

Desire to save on everything

The habit to save on everything prevents the head of the family grow. Women often try not to spend spare cash, do not buy good clothes to themselves and to children, save on food and convince husbands that everything is good and someone lives worse. They do it for the best, wishing to encourage the man, to raise his self-assessment. But such behavior as a result leads to unpleasant consequences. The head of the family ceases to try to earn more because he and so is enough for life. 

To correct a situation, it is not necessary to demand from the husband impossible and to make unreasonable expenditure. It is possible just to hint sometimes unostentatiously to him about the desires to buy a beautiful dress, to spend money for a campaign to the cosmetologist. 

Everything to make desire independently

Modern women work not less men, decently earn. Many throw all forces on development of career and achieve good results. Such women quite often earn more husband. It becomes a reason for pride, but psychologists assure that the similar situation prevents the man to develop and can become the break in relations reason. 

The head of the family needs the correct motivation. The woman has to inspire him on career development, support, but at the same time remain in the shadow. When the wife earns more than enough, at the husband the aspiration to reach bigger disappears. He perfectly feels at the position, but subsequently begins to feel complexes that not in the best way is reflected in the relations in family. 

Lack of desires and purposes

To grow financially, it is necessary to set before itself the accurate purposes, it is correct to formulate desires. If the woman is insufficiently clever and very modest in the requirements, it prevents the husband to develop her. The wife and so is happy with everything, asks nothing and does not want therefore there is no incentive to aspire to new victories. 

Justification of failures

Some women got used to justify failures with combination of circumstances, foreign intervention. They impose just the same thoughts to the man. If something is impossible to him, the wife abuses the administration, relatives who did not want to help to promote on service, or find other justifications. Over time the man begins to think that almost nothing depends on him, and ceases to fight. 

Creation of bad power

The careless, inaccurate women who are not able to create houses a cosiness, to provide to the husband the reliable back slow down development of welfare of family. Existence in the house of a large number of old and unnecessary things, a disorder do not promote financial growth. If the woman does not look after the husband, it does not help it to look accurately and stylish, very bad. At work or on service the man is perceived as appropriate. It prevents to hold higher position.  


The habit to reproach the husband, to remind of failures is capable to stop all his aspirations to earn more. It is pleasant to person to hear a praise. It is important to any man to realize that believe in him, he is supported, loved. It inspires and forces to make almost impossible.

Reproaches and cavils not only interfere with personal development, but also kill love. It is not necessary to remember former failures of darling also. It will painfully wound and negatively affects motivation. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team