7 phrases destructive for mentality of the child

7 phrases destructive for mentality of the child

to become difficult, but if the person really wishes to the kid the best, then will prevent to read nothing to him constantly various literature and to look for new ways of communication with it. For example, not superfluous will be to learn that it for 7 phrases which cannot be spoken to the child.

7 phrases destructive for mentality of the child

Experts consider that never you should use the following words:

  1. Your crying does not matter, problems not serious.
  2. Why you are not similar to the brother or the sister?
  3. Ever nothing is impossible to you, you badly and incorrectly do everything.
  4. It is a shame to me with you.
  5. You are fat, silly, ugly, etc.
  6. If I knew what you will become, I would not begin to give birth to you.
  7. I do not love you.

Similar words can cause various problems in communication with the child. Children perceive us, the parents as highest authority whose opinion is true. They trust us, and cruel words just will destroy them from within.

If regularly to speak even one 7 phrases which destroy mentality of the child then very quickly you will notice that he became reserved, ceased to seek to do something, does not trust you more. Even banal comparison of children among themselves leads to the fact that one of them feels defective, not good, and not deserving love.

Growing, such children seldom try to obtain success, they do not believe in themselves and the forces. Remember that the unconditional love of parents, that is not depending on acts, appearance, behavior and other factors is important for the child. It maintains in them belief that they are unique, capable to make a lot of good and to become really happy person, but not just not all the time to meet expectations of parents, to be a disgrace families and to aspire only to that mother and the father were happy with it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team