7 reasons of female loneliness eyes of men

7 reasons of female loneliness eyes of men

Many beautiful, successful women cannot find the partner in life and strongly suffer from it. Men consider that it is possible to adjust private life if to find the reason of female loneliness and in due time to carry out correction of mistakes.

 Despite self-sufficiency and independence of modern women, everyone dreams of happiness in private life. Those who did not manage to find the soulmate most often make the same mistakes. Men allocate 7 main reasons for female loneliness. 

Low self-assessment

 Dislike for itself is a common cause of failures in private life. Women with a low self-assessment consider that they are insufficiently beautiful, clever or hozyaystvenna. Such perception of own image is formed as a result of the wrong education, failures in the last relations and other factors. The inability to appreciate itself prevents to be happy. The woman becomes diffident, tries to please the partner in everything or even consciously evades from the relations, considering that nothing good from this will leave. Such behavior frightens off normal men and attracts those who like to play on weaknesses of the partner. As a result it comes to an end with parting and the self-assessment falls even below. To adjust private life, the woman should understand that nobody will be able to fall in love with it it so far will not fall in love with himself. 

Unwillingness to look after itself

The woman not necessarily has to have ideal appearance to be pleasant to the man and to avoid loneliness. At the same time it is very important to be able to look after himself. The carelessness and slovenliness cause feeling of rejection. The woman who is not important in what she is dressed as it is brushed can be apprehended by an opposite sex as appropriate. The men meeting on its course of life decide that such lady does not need the relations at this stage therefore they do not even make attempts to approach. 

Tendency to depressions

The tendency to depressions prevents the woman to adjust private life. Nobody wants to be near that which constantly stays in bad mood. To become happy, it is necessary to assume responsibility for the life. Only then there will be changes to the best because happiness can be constructed the hands.

Often depressive women show behavior of the victim, staking on pity. Such approach is doomed to a failure as men want to see near themselves the positive, wise and self-sufficient companion who will support them and to inspire, but not to complain and reproach. 

The overestimated requirements

The overestimated requirements to men usually happen at very young girls or at the self-confident persons inclined to narcissism. A high self-assessment - it is very good, but sometimes it is necessary to assess a situation adequately. It is necessary to understand that ideal people are not and with some shortcomings of the partner it is necessary to be reconciled. Sometimes the ideal is formed in the childhood and the woman all life looks for such image, refusing meetings with real men. It inevitably leads to loneliness. 

Aggressive or haughty behavior

Aggression and arrogance push away men. Offenses at unfortunate life, at the former partners who caused mental anguish become more often the reasons of such behavior. Meeting the next man, such women not in forces to forget the past and something to change. They perceive the new acquaintance hostilely. It is some kind of protective reaction. So the person at the subconscious level tries to protect himself from sufferings. Not to remain one, the woman should become softer, to understand past mistakes and to abstract from them. The man needs to give a chance that it could prove to be from all directions, but not hang up on it labels. 

Habit to force events

Many women are very active in the relations with an opposite sex. They are energetic and prefer to force events. Meeting the next man, such ladies a staza begin to make plans and behave as appropriate. Many girls after several appointments begin to speak about joint life or even a marriage that strongly pushes away. Men like to make independently decisions, to try to obtain, to consider everything. 

Workaholism or solitary way of life

Often women cannot construct family because they devote to work, a favourite hobby much time. Solitary life, unwillingness to communicate do not promote finding of personal happiness too. If the woman is not anywhere, does not meet friends and at work does not even look around, chances to meet the worthy man strongly decrease. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team