7 receptions of the wise woman forcing the man to be generous

7 receptions of the wise woman forcing the man to be generous

The same man can be generous with one woman and avaricious with another. There are seven very simple receptions of the wise woman which will help to receive from darling at most cares, attention and delightful gifts.

If still your beloved did not differ in special generosity, but you do not consider it a reason for parting, it is quite possible to try to correct a situation. Each man is generous by nature, but only in case in it there is a sense.

1 reception – to rejoice to gifts

Even if as a tasty dessert bought you cake. Learn to rejoice sincerely as the child. You remember, men do not tolerate falseness. Therefore rejoice with all the heart. After all, think that it is only the first step. And further, your beloved will try to please you in increasing frequency. At the moment when presented you a gift, you can remember some joyful event that it turned out to represent happiness on 21 teddy bears.

2 reception – you ask to help you

What sense to care and present with gifts the woman who and at full tilt will stop a horse and will enter the burning log hut. She is such independent that everything will buy itself. And in general, it is dangerous to give to such woman gifts. She can consider it for insult, or desire "to buy" it. Therefore the man just is afraid to offend. It will be worse further. He will feel unnecessary. As a result will lay down on a sofa, and you will work at 3 works, to remove, prepare, to watch children, also to cajole it. And if the woman asks for help of the man, shows weakness and behaves as the true lady, desire to please with gifts arises by itself. Only if the woman shows to the man the weakness, the scenario with a sofa is excluded.

3 reception – sincere gratitude

If you are not able to thank and rejoice what sense to spend money for gifts for you? And a gift still it is necessary to choose, spend time, forces. If the woman is eternally dissatisfied, to try to please her just senselessly. Even if the man will drive expensive foreign car, the dissatisfied woman will not like color, the transmission, salon, the brand. The dissatisfied woman will find faults.

That desire to spend for you money and forces appeared, it is necessary to estimate the made efforts at least. Present to the man sincere gratitude that he felt necessary. Believe, changes will not keep themselves waiting.

4 reception – make wishes

That gifts really brought you joy, but not just spent the budget of the beloved, be able to speak about the desires correctly.

  • Men badly understand hints - it is precisely. And if you look an hour and a half at a ring in the catalog, and then will leave the page of the browser with the same ring of open, 90% from hundred will not even guess that it was the hint.
  • Never you speak about the desires reproachfully. Like, eternally you on me grudge money. Vaughan Lenke the husband from salary carries every month flowers.
  • Quietly tell that very much wish the beloved pleased you in flowers. It is very pleasant.
  • Never criticize the man, do not allow to feel like the loser.
  • It is not necessary to manipulate and blow a sponge to receive a gift.

5 reception – dream, do not refuse anything to yourself

You block male generosity if:

  • If you receive expensive gift and begin to lecture the man that it could not be spent.
  • You suggest to return a gift to shop because it too expensive.
  • Would buy me new boots instead of a bouquet of flowers better.
  • For what you bought me the second bottle of perfume if the first did not end yet.
  • I and so have everything why you were spent?

Be not afraid to dream! Accept all gifts with gratitude. Also remember, you it are worthy!

6 reception – you it are worthy

If you answered the question "what to present to you" that nothing is necessary, perfectly! You directly told the man that you can not spend for me money, forces, time. I am not worthy gifts. To spend money with advantage. For example, in bar give to drink friends beer.

Never it consider how many the man spent for you money. Clever knows that for each spent ruble he will receive from the energy loved a huge number which will help it to achieve unknown heights in business or in society.

And yet, never return gifts after parting.

7 reception – generosity

It is only impossible to take constantly. In order that the man continued to be generous, you have to be generous in relation to mute too he has to feel your love, care.

More often do to darling surprises, carefully choose gifts. And never you give for holidays set socks-pants-toothpaste.

Remember that the gift is a manifestation of attention. Remember that is wanted by your man. Be attentive to him. For example, you arrived to shop of auto parts. It buys spare parts and speaks, oh, it will be necessary to buy somehow a new rag salon to wipe. You write down this his "desire". And next day give a surprise. Believe, it will be touched.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team