7 secrets of the woman whom men do not leave

7 secrets of the woman whom men do not leave

Why to some women of men attracts a magnet, and from others ‒ pushes away? For what reason for some ladies are loyal all life, care and cherish, and from someone turn away after a week of the relations? There are certain lines which men look for and appreciate in girls

Love for

First of all, the girl has to treat herself with care and awe, to accept and to open harmoniously each side (wife, mother, the friend, the professional, etc.). The woman who loves herself will always find time and an opportunity to have a rest, to well eat, do favorite thing. It allows it to be always well-groomed and in good mood.The woman who cares for herself is not afraid to spend money for the requirements and desires. She with pleasure allows the man to show the feelings by means of gifts. The love for itself gives the chance to spend "resource" for relatives and dear people. Flat-out, health and mood cannot be given warmly to the world around.


Sometimes women mistakenly believe that to men the undivided and round-the-clock attention always and everywhere is required them. But, as a rule, their satellites quickly are tired of such life. And in the worst cases the young man begins to use a situation and to manipulate the darling. All life of the girl becomes isolated on the man, it becomes dependent on the beloved (in the emotional and financial plan). That it did not occur, it is always necessary to remember the hobbies and friends, to give them enough time. It is desirable to have own source of income and "safety cushion". The independent woman of the man is afraid to be lost and seek to interest, hold her.


You should not confuse confidence with self-confidence. The last quality often speaks just about a low self-assessment and complexes. Are afraid of too "brisk" women of the man, including them rivals. Confidence never shouts of itself, but is always felt as people around. Such girls practically in any place and an environment feel freely, do not hesitate to accept compliments and to thank for them. The sure woman always behaves adequately, without requiring attention the young man. But at the same time she is not afraid of men, without the reason does not push away them. Confidence is shown also in lack of groundless and constant jealousy of other girls.


Of course, not the number of diplomas and medals, but wisdom and ability of the girl to find the best way out in various situations means. The clever woman does not seek to show to the man the intellectual superiority, but can always achieve the desirable without hysterics and manipulations. The wise girl will not begin to speak badly of the satellite in the presence of strangers. She will be able to tell about all not contents tactfully alone.During the quarrels such women are not conducted on a string at emotions, they do not respond to provocations and do not fall before insults. The clever woman will be able to find proper words of support in difficult situations and to give hope to the beloved.

Ability to organize reliable "back"

In a severe man's world from representatives of a strong half of mankind the constant control, force, attentiveness, initiative is required. Near the soft and gentle woman her elect wants to relax and restore the forces for new feats. Each knight of the house wants to be tasty fed, listened and assured of the improbable abilities. It is always easy to distinguish the apartment of the single man from a family nest. To the woman who can organize such space of the house there is a wish to return and conquer every day for the sake of her all new and new peaks.

Lack of fear to seem weak

It is not necessary to be afraid to ask darling about the help. First, men are not able to read mind and often do not even guess our desires and emotions that leads to the unexpected conflicts. Secondly, for them a request of darling ‒ an excellent occasion to show the resourcefulness and force, having received an award in the form of admiration and gratitude of the ladylove.Give your satellite a chance to flirt for you and to feel the real man. And requests and delegation of some duties will help the woman to keep forces and time for more important things, including for the darling.

Aspiration to self-improvement

Men reach for attractive women who are eager for new knowledge and impressions. Such girls will always seek to become erudite, to live in the best place, to improve the skills. They will not be content with small. Near such companion of the man forget about boredom. Young people feel the exclusiveness, begin to change the life and to develop. They have a taste to life and belief in own forces. And interest in the active and cheerful beloved does not die away even years later.

If you love yourself, then develop, fill the life with joy and new feelings. When you are pleasant to yourself, then the worthy and interested men will appear more often near you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team