7 signs of mentally healthy woman

7 signs of mentally healthy woman

Mental health of the woman is affected by a large number of external and internal factors. Women are emotional, hard transfer cargo of excessive responsibility and psychological injuries. On what signs it is possible to distinguish mentally healthy woman?

What affects psychological health

The emotional, responsible, good wife, mother and the hostess, the professional who is versatily developed, the interesting interlocutor … So many requirements are imposed to the modern woman that sometimes, in attempt to correspond, she absolutely forgets about herself. Forgets about the dreams, feelings and desires.

Often fine half of mankind is exposed to domestic violence, roughness, humiliations. As a result of such impact on female mentality, neurosises, complexes, isolation develop. The harmony of life, psychological balance, self-confidence disappear. They are succeeded by fear and reciprocal aggression, strong psychological tension and addictions, psychosomatic diseases.

To distinguish the woman with healthy mentality very easily. The American psychologist and the developer of the theory the devil of the personality Gordon Olport marked out qualities of a zheshchina which has no mental problems:

- existence of wider feeling "I". Narcissism and egoism are absent. The woman concentrates not only on herself and the internal problems. Its interests are wide and diverse;

- forming of cordial relations with people around. Mentally healthy woman is not persuasive, but builds cordial trusting relationship with close and favourite people. At the same time the circle of close persons is quite limited;

- knowledge of the merits and demerits. It helps to avoid impulsive behavior, to respect not only itself, but also surrounding people;

- realistic perception of surrounding events and the abilities. Mentally healthy woman really and adequately estimates a surrounding situation that helps it to choose the correct line of conduct;

- existence of humour and self-irony;

- existence of the developed outlook on life. Mentally mature woman has the vital philosophy, accurate moral reference points. Its acts and judgments are logical and consecutive.

Signs of mentally healthy woman

What to do if on data acquisition about mental health of the woman there is no large number of time? The small analysis of its appearance and behavior will help to find the answer.

1. It has a healthy and blossoming appearance. Mentally healthy woman loves herself, time finds for itself, cares for beauty of the body. She is well-groomed, she wants to be pleasant not only herself, but also people around. Make-up and manicure, hairstyle and clothes of such woman always as it should be. And, on the contrary, not well-groomed appearance speaks about the available mental problems.

2. Addictions are absent, there is no thirst for frequent consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking. Mentally healthy woman has no need to remove psychological stress, destroying at the same time the personality.

3. The woman who has no problems with mental health, is sure of herself. She quietly and adequately communicates with men, is able and likes to accept compliments, correctly reacts to them.

4. Existence of a hobby. Distinguishes mentally healthy woman from the others desire to make personal growth, self-improve, be engaged in the business bringing pleasure.

5. The speech at such women is correct, competent, slow. They do not use offensive language since the extensive lexicon allows to express correctly all thoughts, feelings and emotions.

6. Mentally healthy woman has an excellent sense of humour. She understands jokes of people around, jokes. The ability to laugh at itself, self-irony and self-criticism allow it to keep psychological balance in various situations.

7. Good appetite. Mentally healthy woman eats with pleasure including sweet. Her brain receives enough food, and it results in lack of irritability. The behavior of such woman is stable, hysterics and nervous splashes do not happen, the conflicts are solved peacefully.

How to help itself?

But happens and so that the general mental condition of the woman does not correspond to the described signs. Here the main thing to stop, look at itself from outside in time and to honestly estimate the condition. Even if there are problems only on one of above-mentioned points, it is necessary to be engaged in recovery of the mental health. For this purpose well formation of useful habits approaches. Begin to find time for yourself. Have a rest, address the psychologist, play sports, read, travel. Any activity bringing pleasure will favorably affect both appearance, and the general psychological state.

The provided list, of course, can be added with other signs. But it is the list of reference qualities of mentally healthy woman for which it is necessary to strive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team