7 signs of the man who will spoil to you life

7 signs of the man who will spoil to you life

Is the man with such warehouse of character that he is capable to spoil all life, joint with it. That similar did not happen, in the first months of acquaintance it is necessary to look at the potential partner in life better. All signs of negative character are anyway shown during this period. It is necessary to look and listen only attentively.

Light-headed romantic or speculator

The first sign of the man of a similar type – too fast proposal. Many will tell that it is very romantic. But in life not only it is impractical, but also it is dangerous. The person understanding all responsibility which on him will lay down after creation of family will not make offer to almost unfamiliar girl under the influence of the first impression about it. Most likely, this man ripened not enough and is a little in the childhood. And still the similar behavior is peculiar to swindlers at whom time which they can spend for the next victim is strictly limited and therefore it should be "twisted" as soon as possible.

Having rejected suspicions of fraud, it is possible to assume safely that the man who can take so easily it t a serious step will be able to refuse also easily the plans, "to include a backing". Most likely, he is not familiar with the serious relations, is not ready to overcome obstacles and to battle against difficulties. He can easily make a set of promises, make the necessary impression on the woman and repeatedly assure of the reliability.

The life experience of many shows that really reliable people are avaricious on promises. Before promising something, they need to be fully confident that they will be able to execute promised. And in general, they keep promises more often, than give them.

Alcoholic, compulsive gambler or consumer of drugs

Many men willingly drink beer after work or play fashionable "tanks", remaining at the same time good husbands and family men. The main thing – that was not any dependence on a pleasure source.

The persons suffering from dependent frustration of the personality often fall into dependence on games, alcohol or drugs and it is impossible to live with such individuals. Even there are they sometime "will tie", they all the same will have some negative traits of character: they will prefer to leave from difficulties instead of overcoming them and also will not be able to be responsible for the acts.

Psychologists claim that the fact of that the man about itself in passive voice or with use of impersonal turns of speech can become one of strong indications of existence of any dependence. For example, "So left", "I was finished", "It was not lucky" or "I was forced". In other words, looks for the reason of the failures in everything, except himself. Subsequently (if not now) these men begin to hit the bottle, gamble in increasing frequency or will try drugs.

Experts in psychotherapy claim that dependent people also peculiar also make a declaration of love. Phrases: "I without you cannot", "Only you my happiness" or "Only together with you I will be happy" say that this subject already subconsciously recognizes the dependence on another (from you). Subsequently he will surely accuse you that it plays or drinks.

Even if the similar type also promises to throw for the sake of you the addiction, subsequently he also will explain with you its return to the habit.

Chronic loser

Signs of such type are constant complaints to life, to circumstances, to destiny, to the family, to its uncomprehending environment and so on. At it all are guilty and of everything: from the president to the neighbor, from historical injustice to bad weather. Psychologists say that people with such traits of character improve very difficult as to them this their vital credo is favorable to complain of everything and everything.

To be sorry such types – useless business. They will never be consoled, they will just find the new reason for sufferings.

Even if such person and to regret, support, render him the real help, he will not reciprocate on it. In response to complaints the loser will only row, accuse you and to take offense. And then will already find the one to whom to complain also of you.


To define the male misogynist it is enough to ask him to tell about his former. Misogynists will surely speak about them with roughness and rage, to offend them, at the same time offending all women on light. This it will show the attitude to the weaker sex in general.

Of course, he can idolize the unique woman provided that she has a certain set of the qualities which are pleasant to it. But the others, the women who are "falling short" of its ideal, for people it does not recognize.

If he also blabbed out that he struck, pushed, threatened or humiliated, having put it thus "on the place", someone from former, at once it is necessary to say goodbye to it. Subsequently he will afford the same treatment of any woman. And everything what he accuses the former of, will be addressed also present.


Disrespect for other people, for their interests, opinions and personal space is considered the most true rudeness. This sign is a consequence of bad education. And as the adult man hardly gives in to re-education, he will be rude subsequently and the partner. Up to use of force, including concerning children.

During courting it, most likely, not to be shown. But trifles can give the boor: he will be late for an appointment and will not warn about it, he will forget quite often requests, will climb with kisses when to the partner of it it is not wanted to overcome female resistance in a pursuit of the momentary desires.

It is possible to learn the boor and how he belongs with the people surrounding it: with personnel at restaurant, with the taxi driver, with people in turn. Especially well his behavior with those with whom clashes gives the boor. The well-mannered person even in this situation will not cross certain borders. The boor will keep within politeness only when to him it is good or when it needs it.


Future tyrant is given by reasonings on the fact that the woman, according to him, has to. Most often, it needs the cook, the servants and the performer of its orders. During courting the tyrant will treat with respect your private life and opinion, but will surely reserve the desires and preferences about himself.

And it has to force to prick up the ears. The normal person will respect strangers, but also will ask to respect him. He will listen to desires of the woman, but also will tell about the to reach agreement. The normal person not to fear the conflicts, and tries to solve them within mutual respect.

The man, inclined to tyranny, will specially avoid the conflicts, to hide the desires, expecting when relatives guess" them. He does not trust in an opportunity to agree taking into account the interests of both parties, at first he will act only taking into account the interests of the woman, and then will demand to consider only its interests.

But the most sure sign of the tyrant is aspiration everything to control. At first it will look as care manifestation, then – love and jealousy, further it will develop into tyranny.

Ladies' man

The keen collector of women admits to the next girl at once that she the most beautiful all of them women whom he saw. The ladies' man success at women gives ability to look after beautifully. He sincerely considers that he can tempt any girl.

The relations with their partners are not important for ladies' men. To them another victory after which he will run to look for new gains is important. And still they like to argue on subjects of polygamy of men and on what men, changing a body, do not change soul. Lives concern the companions unreasonably jealously.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team