7 signs of the woman who will never marry

7 signs of the woman who will never marry

In life anything happens. There was all life one - and suddenly married. So, in 2017 in Brazil the 106-year-old bride went to the altar, and marriage was the first! But, as a rule, the ladies "programmed" on loneliness lonely also remain. It is possible to mark out several signs of the woman who will never marry.

It was grown up by lonely mother

It is not always clear to such woman for what the man in the house is necessary. And what efforts from its party can cost life in marriage.

At all optional these women of "conventual". They can meet men, but aspire not especially to the long relations. Independent women's existence for them norm.

Others want the family and the husband, but they have unrealistic ideas of marriage. In the childhood they did not see that family life - not only love, but also quarrels, search of compromises. And joint life is hard too. Therefore it is difficult for them to improve the relations with the real person.

Those who in the childhood endured a heavy parental divorce often consciously avoid marriage. For them joint life - the road of disappointments on which it is better not to enter.

At last, there are "mother's girls". They or live all life in one apartment with mother, or separately, but all the same "under a cap". Mother selfishly does not release from herself the adult daughter not to remain alone. Naturally, the son-in-law in this couple superfluous.

Her intelligence is at least higher than an average

It is clever, formed, it likes to develop. Naturally, the man has to be not worse. It strongly narrows the field for its choice: on clever and successful guys demand is high.

Besides, she is able to find meaning of life in different spheres, except a marriage. The variety of interests and ability to think independently do not allow it to be obsessed with "female purpose". Even if she secretly wants in marriage.

It will measure people on the overestimated standards

Her husband has to be both clever, and beautiful, and well-founded - and so on. And at the first meeting between them the spark has to slip. And he has to look after beautifully her all life.

The reasons of such approach can be a little. For example:

  • the girl the beautiful clear head, also does not want the husband "worse than";
  • in her family the parents showed the valid and love relation to each other, hiding couple seamy side of life from children. As a result the girl had an idealistic idea of a marriage;
  • the girl grew without father, drawing his embellished image. The husband, respectively, too has to be ideal;
  • the girl is shipped in the world of science, literature or own imaginations. In the relations it equals on Pierre and Marie Curie or Aragorn and Arwen. Naturally, in her eyes the men surrounding it are so, continuous goblins.

She is too proud

Happens so: outside it looks strong, in the relations with an opposite sex - as if the Maiden in a trouble. Waits that Muzhchina of her dream will come, will see and will win, that is will subdue it (and also her mother). And then all life will guess her desires and independently to embody them.

Even having fallen in love, she will not begin to flirt the first. Having been at odds, it will not suggest to be reconciled. Will be angry if the elect "is insufficiently courageous" or suddenly did not grant her desire. 

Naturally, the relations will hardly last long. And she, perhaps, will not even strongly be upset. It was unworthy her.

It has an accurate vital plan and own opinion for everything

She painted everything in advance: as will build career when marries when gives birth to the child and in how many days after the delivery will return back for work. In what apartment there will live her family as will spend a vacation. What it has to do and that her husband has to do.

Ah, the man has the opinion? Well, then to them not on the way. Its priorities are always higher than anything.

She has no time all the time

Here it is possible to allocate two types: really busy woman and occupied in words.

The first really much herself loads: it has a work, study, the gym, a dog and it is a lot of still what. If it has a child, then she strongly is engaged in his development. On men it just has no time! Especially on the husband who should cook borsch also.

Other ladies are engaged it is unknown what, but surrounding show all extreme employment. You invite such girlfriend to go with the company to restaurant, and at it the important project / thesis / cat ached. Another time - again the project / all same thesis / is ill mother now.

In both cases, these women just built a convenient way of life in the world which does not want to be gone beyond any more. At the same time they can be not against a marriage, even to want it. But change for them it is more terrible than prospect of eternal loneliness.

It in a stress, in a depression

The reasons the similar state can have a set, and, most often, their whole ball. Both dissatisfaction with private life, and high requirement to, and overfatigue, and expectations of people around … And she courageously pretends that everything is fine.

She, perhaps, tries to solve also this problem. Meets friends friends and has fun, it goes to be treated to experts, thinks out to himself new hobbies and in every possible way motivates itself. But all the same, really it is impossible to relax.

But here men, as ill luck would have it, love quiet, positively adjusted and weakened.

Some women give up, cease to watch themselves, begin to drink. It is clear, about any marriage here the speech cannot be any more. Though … anything in life happens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team