7 sure signs of the fact that the man stopped loving you

7 sure signs of the fact that the man stopped loving you

Many women are afraid to be rejected. They perceive any change in behavior of the man suspiciously. In it there is a certain sense as on some signs it is possible to understand that the love passed. If in time to react, the relations can try to be saved.

The relations between the man and the woman change, develop over time. Sometimes it happens so that the partner ceases to feel passion, love dies away. There is a certain behavioural style which allows to define that darling stopped loving or is very close to it. Psychologists allocate a number of signs which cannot be ignored. 

First disturbing ""call"" to which it is worth paying attention, - emergence of indifference in the relations. If the man stopped loving, does not interest him any more as the wife or the girlfriend spent day that at her new. The partner can forget to wish happy birthday, with date of a wedding.  Any woman is capable to feel such coldness. Many at once try to sort out the relations and if the man says that everything is good, calm down. Actually such words cannot be perceived seriously. Often men do not realize that love the end came therefore deny obvious. 

If the man does not feel love any more, he is often irritated in the presence of the girl or the wife, almost always stays in bad mood. The loving person almost does not notice shortcomings at an object of the love or closes to them eyes. When feelings pass, in the partner everything begins to irritate. The man can strongly become angry because of dishes which were not washed in time, or because of other household problems. If he began to deride the woman's shortcomings, to reproach for weaknesses, to depreciate her achievements, it is very disturbing call. The man just does not feel love and periodically breaks on trifles. 

When the love passes, the partner can begin to be ashamed of the wife, her society begins to weigh him. Annoyance is a protective reaction. It is shown especially strongly if there is no opportunity to disperse, break off family bonds. If the man stopped loving, the relations are always left by ease. What raised a smile, laughter earlier begins to anger. 

The loving man with enthusiasm carries out any orders of the darling. When feelings leave, desire to help, to support disappears. Requests of the wife or the girl begin to cause irritation. It is very well felt, but not always women connect such behavior with fading of love. They just try to ask less often the man about something, charge with a lot of things the brittle shoulders. 

The man who does not love often is rude, flies into a rage. He does not see himself together with the partner any more therefore it is not considered with her opinion. When the partner realizes that he wants to stop the relations, but cannot make it at present, he can become aggressive. Sometimes men thus provoke scandal that there was a formal occasion to disperse. It is impossible to react to such provocations. But also you should not be silent in such situation too. Better quietly and without excess emotions to talk to the partner and to explain that aggression in the relations is not admissible. 

If the man does not love any more, problems in sexual life will not keep themselves waiting. In that case the partner begins to avoid physical contact. The quality of intimate proximity considerably decreases.  When sexual life is absent throughout the long period of time, most likely, the man has other relations. There are situations when he was tired or feels breakdown from the postponed stress, but such cases cannot repeat again and again. 

If the love dies away, the man ceases to reckon with opinion of the soulmate. From outside can seem that only he is interesting to it and what happens to it. At the solution of important questions he does not even think to consult on the wife or the girl. Often men actively show the superiority and do not even think to smooth a situation. It is a sure sign of the fact that the relations became obsolete. 

When the man is in love, he wants to spend much time from the darling. In ""candy buketnom"" the period it is felt very well. It seems thatIt seems thatIt seems that the man has always not enough his darling. Over time the passion fades a little, but if the love is alive, it is all the same interesting to partners with each other. The loving husband hurries with pleasure home. When there is almost no feeling left, he is late at work, more often spends time with friends, at home asks not to disturb him as there was an unlucky day.

If such cases begin to repeat more often, it is necessary to sound the alarm. Sometimes it is enough to draw the correct conclusions and to change behavior to return the interest of the man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team