7 surprising facts about men

7 surprising facts about men

Men are rather reserved and silent therefore it is often difficult to understand motives of their acts. To understand them, there will not be enough also life. But now psychologists try to popularize the available data concerning features of the stronger sex. Their knowledge will allow to facilitate relationship between the man and the woman, to make their joint life more harmonious.

Similarity of floors              

In modern culture there was an opinion that certain qualities which are inherent in women are not peculiar to men. Numerous researches allowed to dispel some myths.

Men like to gossip tooGossips of men strongly differ from women's. If ladies during discussion of any given person are guided by own emotions, select expressions which generally contain assessment and figurativeness, then men operate with the facts. Men's gossips it is frequent more substantially, more authentically and more interestingly.

The stronger sex loves a praise

They say that women are auditory. Why only they? Men love compliments in the address not less, though deny it. Therefore the woman should note that the best acts and qualities of the beloved need that they were sounded. It is difficult to it to guess without words that the lady appreciates and loves it.

Complexes concerning appearance

Complexes, as a rule, go from the childhood. The child has an impression that beautiful children are loved more in what there is an element of truth. Nice kids receive more attention from people around, it is more than caress, their mischief escapes punishment more often. Boys who are not considered as beautiful according to the standard standards see it therefore want to look differently. The man can look good at mature age, but to be still dissatisfied with himself.

Besides, images of sex symbols with which mass media are crowded affect consciousness not only of women, but also men. From here desire to approach an ideal.

Relationship of floors

There are certain regularities which allow to explain acts of men in relation to the soulmates. Researchers asked a question more than once what it is worth paying attention when choosing the partner to why it is so important that the man took part in education of the kid.

The fidelity of the man depends on his intelligence

Researches showed that the education level at the man is higher, the less often it changes the partner. Perhaps, it is connected with the fact that family values are on the first place. Many understand that fleeting hobbies are only effect of novelty which will acquire the corresponding problems sooner or later. In any relations everything is not be smooth therefore work on itself is always required: ability to reach compromise, to place emphasis on the positive moments.

The delayed love for the child

At fathers the love for the child arises not right after his birth. It is caused by the fact that men have no maternal instinct. The woman obviously feels communication with the kid because all 9 months he was its part. The new father at first not fully realizes the status.When the man begins to spend with the child much time, to care for him, to buy something for it (a word, to plunge into educational process), he begins to think of this duty much. During this period fathers begins to feel like the loving parents.

Male features

There are questions on which the woman cannot find the answer. Why this man in the bus is so unusually dressed? Why the girlfriend denied assistance, and the friend, unlike it, supported? It is worth trying to understand.

Non-standard self-expression of lonely menDo you see the man with a large number of tattoos and piercing, too dressed up? Most likely, he is lonely. Drawing attention to the appearance, he wants to solve this problem. Will seem to someone that a controversial issue. But our appearance is always a call for other people. It is unlikely on the desert island the man will think of how it looks.

Forming of partner and friendly relationship

There is an opinion that ladies' friendship does not exist. It makes sense as women are individualists. It is connected with the fact that at women the maternal instinct which does not demand partnership biologically prevails. Men unite in "packs" for achievement of any purpose. It is so much simpler, than to act alone. Therefore a strong half of mankind generally solves problems through joint efforts, and women spend time together with the entertainment purpose more often.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team