7 things most of which of all enrage men on an appointment

7 things most of which of all enrage men on an appointment

The appointment with the man can be very disturbing for the woman if there are a sympathy and desire to recognize the person is closer. Some things can anger the satellite therefore it is very important to know about them, gathering for an important meeting.

To make the correct impression on the man during the appointment and to trigger in it curiosity, it is necessary to behave competently and not to forget about things which strongly irritate an opposite sex. 

Lack of punctuality

It is considered to be that the girl has to be late for the first appointments. It will unnerve the man, to think and finally he will begin to appreciate the darling more. Actually delay cause mixed feelings in males. It so strongly irritates some that desire to invite the girl to a meeting repeatedly vanishes. Not to try patience of the man, it is necessary to be punctual. In rare instances it is possible to dare to be late for 5-10 minutes, but no more. It is necessary to call it and to warn about a delay. 

Strange clothes and make-up

Gathering for an appointment, many girls try to surprise the elect, to make an impression on it. It forces them to put on is inappropriate, it is very strange. To interest the satellite, it is better to refuse inconvenient, not corresponding to a case and time of day of clothes. It is not pleasant to men when their girl comes to a meeting with very bright, tasteless make-up. If the appointment takes place in the afternoon in cafe, it is possible to put on a light dress, the fitting trousers and a coquettish blouse, but not an evening dress. Many men are irritated by a persuasive smell of perfume therefore in everything it is necessary to observe a measure. 

Bad mood and discontent

Inviting the woman to an appointment, the man wants to have a good time, communicate, to know each other better. The meeting will be hopelessly spoiled if the companion appears in bad mood. The dissatisfied person, cavils, complaints are capable to disappoint any man, especially when for bad mood there are no reasons. If the woman comes to a meeting obviously not in the spirit of, most likely, it will not want to see for the second time. Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to try to hide the problems and experiences behind an affected smile. In such situation it will be better to call the man in advance and to agree about transfer of a meeting the next day. 

The wrong subjects for conversations

Talk on improper subjects - a widespread mistake of girls who kept the appointment and does not know how to behave with the guy as to be pleasant to it. Irritates men when the companion begins to speak about problems with health, religion or policy, surplus or a lack of money, lack of true love. It is better to choose more neutral and interesting subjects for communication. 

On an appointment it is not necessary to tell much about the work, going into the smallest details. Men like to talk about what is interesting to them therefore psychologists advise to watch closely the return reaction of the partner. The main taboo subject - the last relations. Terribly irritates men when the girls who came to a meeting begin to speak about the former. Sometimes even it seems thatit seems thatit seems that darlings come not some, and with the ex-beloved because all talk turns around them. Even if the man himself will touch upon a subject of last relations, will show interest, all is better to depict in general, but at all not to abuse being, it is bad not to speak about it. 

Phone conversations

The habit to communicate by phone, to constantly check private messages, to hold the telephone set in hand can lead to the fact that the woman will not receive appointment invitation any more. Coming to a meeting with the man, it is worth forgetting for a while about all talk, affairs and to pay attention to him. The exception is admissible to make for very important calls. 


The verboseness of the companion on an appointment perceives most of men negatively. It is not necessary to try to tell the satellite everything about himself for one evening. It is necessary to give it the chance to prove. Sometimes it is useful to keep silent and listen what the interlocutor speaks about. It increases chances to interest the man and to continue communication. 

Plans for the future

Many men admit. that to them it is extremely unpleasant when women already on the first appointments begin to look in the future, to reflect on joint leisure or even to make far-reaching plans. Men like to make decisions and to be initiators of further meetings. You should not deprive of them an opportunity to feel the independence. The excessive activity and violation of personal space are only capable to frighten off. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team