7 things which do all couples which relations are doomed

7 things which do all couples which relations are doomed

The relations which just about will fail can be distinguished on a number of signs. Psychologists assure that they in such cases of couple do certain things. It indicates that it to people became ""too close"" in such union.

If in the relations there is no harmony, then they are doomed. They have no future. It is sometimes difficult to understand whether it will be possible to keep the union. But actually all couples which are doomed to parting do the same things. If at least to steam of points from the list coincides, it is necessary to prepare for the worst or to undertake something to prevent a gap. 

Control each other

When there is no self-confidence or in the partner, in the relations the unilateral or mutual control begins. Communication becomes more and more intense. To descend to communicate to friends or just to stay alone - already big problem. Partners begin to exhaust each other ""control"" calls, inquiries, and sometimes and shadowing. Such relations are doomed. Nobody will suffer it. In this case parting will do good to both. The earlier it happens, the better. If strongly to tighten, it is possible to get neurosis, and then for a long time to shudder from sudden calls. 

Look away

In the period of love the people try to look as often as possible each other in the face. If in the relations there came serious crisis, partners look away. The distance between them increases. Desire to be vanishes as it is possible closer to the person, to take him by hand. All these signs indicate what the union sputtered out, it did not become interesting to partners with each other. 

Flirt on the party

Noncommittal flirting with the fellow worker still does not speak about anything. But when flirtation begins to take a lot of time, becomes less easy, most likely, the present relations became obsolete. There is a wish to find what is not enough on the party. For some people the flirtation is an opportunity to pick up the new partner. If there is a feeling that the relations will fail soon why to waste precious time. It is better to look narrowly at new candidates in advance. 

Compare the partner to former

Memories of the last relations - very alarming sign. Often he points that present feelings already cooled down. Nobody will begin to remember how it was good in the past if at the moment everything is excellent. When in the current relations absolutely everything is bad, people begin to compare partners not mentally, and aloud, stating the claims in rather sharp form. ""My former earned much more you" "." "would learn to prepare better as my last friend"" - such phrases finally kill feelings. 

Long do not respond to messages

At the very beginning of communication, throughout everything ""candy buketnogo"" the period people think to each other very much. Relations still very unsteady. Nobody wants to spoil them. Not to respond long to messages, not to take the call at this stage normally. It is a favourite trick of many girls. But in the taken place relations not to answer phone, to postpone the reply to the message - bad signs. They point that interest was gone. 

Are afraid to speak about the relations

If in couple everything is good, partners discuss all the problems, willingly speak about feelings. At the unions doomed to disorder all differently. People prefer to keep silent. A talk takes place generally on abstract subjects. Sensitive issues appear without attention as both understand: a conversation heart-to-heart it is unknown what will end. Some are afraid that the partner has absolutely other view of the present and the future of couple. One way out: to collect will in a fist and to talk honestly. Not the fact that the relations will not come to the end after that, but at a sad outcome it will not be necessary to spend time for unpromising communication more. 

Swear on trifles

Disagreements in couple - it is normal. There is no it that everything suited both partners. But psychologists assure that on the frequency and the nature of quarrels it is possible to make certain forecasts. If the relations are doomed, people begin to quarrel on trifles, scandals become more and more long, and exits from the conflicts long. There is a feeling that once beloved and loved one does not cause warm feelings, in it everything irritates. The speech not only about household trifles, but also about cavils to appearance. Quarrels on trifles, irritation strongly undermine mentality. In such cases it is necessary to do serious work to save the relations. And desire has to proceed on both sides. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team