7 things which men categorically cannot write about themselves on dating sites

7 things which men categorically cannot write about themselves on dating sites

Virtual acquaintances are a heap of advantages: saving of time, a possibility of search in parameters and chance to recognize the person prior to a real meeting. The successful questionnaire will help to take a worthy position in the rating of Internet gentlemen. There are 7 things which men should not write about themselves on dating sites.

I am a man in the blossoming of forces

If the most bigger what you are capable of, is phrases like "I love sport", "I read books, I watch movies", "the man in the blossoming of years", then what you will speak in correspondence and on an appointment about? Though before, for certain, will not reach, your page will get lost in the gray swamp of the same faceless questionnaires. Even the most boring facts can be presented in sauce from originality and humour. Experiment and be allocated.

I will answer your questions

It is unclear, for what men who save printed characters hope and at the same time write: "ask what is interesting", "surprise me", "interest me". It not an interview, be not greedy, share information on yourself. Show that you have an interest, brains and desire to get acquainted. For the sake of what from the very beginning to take girls an initiative and to drag you on the tow?

Was tired of loneliness, I look for a soulmate

At once the image of the sad, beaten by life man is created. And to it it is already unimportant who will be near, he was simply tired to be one. Frequent guests in the questionnaire of such sad gentleman - long verses and the whining statuses. If you do not want to attract so desperate young ladies, be worthy, but not pathetic. About the failures in private life keep silent so far. If you look for the healthy and equal relations, add a positive on the page.

Inadequate a request not to write

Aggression and discontent with women – neither the best, nor the most logical beginning of acquaintance to them. It is not necessary to speak unflatteringly in the questionnaire of former. If you cannot keep more in yourself all this negative, sort out the relations with responsible or you resemble to the psychologist. You should not specify also what women do not need to write you, for example: "to divorcees, fat and mercantile persons – go by". The clever girl will pass by your page even if does not fit these definitions. Because on such "cries from the heart" it is visible the narrow, loutish man at once.

I look for young, beautiful, clever and rich

Look whether you went too far in the list of requirements to the dried. If in your questionnaire the long list of feminine values, girls very quickly close it, even without having read up. 5 qualities which you want to see in the woman – here golden mean. By the way, check and whether you correspond to the inquiries. The jobless, uneducated, unsportsmanlike man with average external data badly suits Miss World with an academic degree and high income.

Completely completed section on sex

It is not necessary to show the concern in a sex subject. Believe, all so understand that without it the harmonious relations do not happen. It is optional to inform all Internet users of your sex habits, the sizes, feats in a bed and preferences. Besides not each woman will venture to answer such man.

I am not going to adapt to anybody

Council was higher not to go to lyrics and to be a man. Excessive independence - other extreme. The lonely cowboy to whom nobody is necessary and will remain lonely. How at you will the girlfriend if you are not going to enter her in the life appear? Time you, even such self-sufficient and defined in life, came to a dating site, you lack the relations, be honest.

Summing up the result

The correct questionnaire on a dating site – a magnet for your target audience. Try to attract interest, doing without the worn-out phrases, frank roughnesses and romanticism, excessive for the man. Be an owner of an initiative and do not wait for the ideal girl. Politeness and goodwill – your assistants. Together with the clinging photos such questionnaire will not remain without female attention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team