7 things which the man never admits to the woman

7 things which the man never admits to the woman

The riddle can be not only in women. Men too sometimes hide from the companions much. There is a top of things which they do not hurry to admit to women.

He does not know something

It is difficult to man to admit that he does not know the answer to any question. Especially, if this question belongs to a subject which traditionally is considered men's. Therefore can be awkward to admit to your satellite ignorance of the device of the car or the equipment, the structure of the national team on soccer or a political situation in the country.

At the same time men are even proud of the fact that it is not aware of names of objects in a female make-up bag or do not know how various shades of flowers are called. The man admits rather that he does not know how to wash clothes, to iron or cook food, than will tell about the insolvency in the field of repair of plumbing though house skills are required much more often.

He got lost

Some men are sure: to ask the road passersby – sign of weakness. At most, to what it can agree, it is the navigator or cards. If these ways of definition of a right way for some reason could not help, write was gone. Your satellite persistently will go forward and will never stop to ask the road. How so, it, the clever man, also does not know where to turn?

At the same time for some reason it should men be guided in own house. If it is difficult to man to remember where there is a sugar or clean socks lie, he hundred times will ask the wife.

He is lost in contemplation of other women

Some men pretend that they are interested only in the darling. Unfortunately, it seldom happens actually. Most likely, they are simply not sure of proper response of the girlfriend or do not want to offend her recognition that notice others beauty. Believe, guys will surely mark out also the nice colleague and the passerby the nice-looking girl. But it not always means that they are going to flirt.

In the started cases when the man not just looks at others, he does not admit treason too. On the one hand, maybe, it and is correct, though it is dishonourable. Some women are subconsciously ready to forgive incorrectness of the elect, but only if precisely do not know about it. It is better for them to be in vague suspicions or at all in the dark, than to learn the unpleasant truth and to think what with it to do.

It had failures in the intimate sphere

For men this subject can be the most sick. The rare man is capable to discuss easy the failures in a bed or to sneer concerning cancelled sex. It is for some reason considered to be that the real man has to be always ready to a coition, and no justifications to the return can be.

At the same time many men quietly speak about warm failures in private life, in the relations. They can tell that they were thrown by the former girlfriend or the nice girl sent away. Perhaps, thus they try to press on pity. It is more preferable to guys to be rejected as the personality, than as the sexy loser partner.

He is afraid of something

It is considered to be that men has to be not just brave, but fearless. It to the woman is not a shame to be afraid of spiders and rats, height and darkness. To men to have phobias did not stick. Also to them changes and uncertainty in the future do not do to fear. They have to control everything.

In practice it is, of course, not fair. Men same mere mortals. It should not be a shame to them to be frightened and worry. But it is desirable to do it not so emotionally as women.

He was wrong

It is difficult to man to admit that he was mistaken. To tell that made the incorrect decision - it is how to admit own nonsense. Of course, actually situations are influenced by a set of circumstances. Realities of life can change and it is not a shame just be mistaken.

More terribly than recognition of the misses for the man there can be only a scoring of the fact of correctness of the woman. Therefore girls should be more careful with type phrases: "I spoke" and "do as I speak".

His companion gained excess weight

It is easier for man to transfer presence of excess weight at the companion, than a hysterics into which it will go at his words about the increased waist. Therefore girls should ceasing to ask husbands and boyfriends long ago, they recovered or not. Because any sane guy will not answer positively even if it is the truth.

Many men do not want excess showdowns. Why to them offenses, tears and quarrels because of the truth when it is possible just to tell that with a figure everything is excellent. When the appearance of the companion cardinally ceases to suit them, they will find her replacement rather, than will begin to speak about diets and exercises. Therefore to women important to watch the body and not to start this question.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team