7 things which the man wants from the woman, but are rare when asks

7 things which the man wants from the woman, but are rare when asks

Men in general extremely seldom about something ask. But there are certain things which the man very much wants from the woman, but it is not accepted to speak aloud about it. And if the woman does something of the fact that he wants, but is afraid to tell, it is possible to consider that the way to heart is found

Men look at the relations a little in a different way, than women. Also there are 7 things which they would like to receive from the partner. But how about it to ask? Therefore, women, adopt these 7 points, and strictly follow them. Then your man will pull up trees and will carry you on hands.

My hero

Recognition is very important for the man. And let the whole world will say that it is a superman if his woman of it does not tell, for it it will be senseless. Believe in the man and you say that he is your hero. That you are afraid of nothing near it. What is with it absolutely safe. Naturally, he will feel slyness at once. Therefore begin with small. Also do everything sincerely, without falseness. The boy who did not get used to be responsible will become your defender and a support. He will set an example to children. And when, thanks to your belief, it will be lifted to new level, your life will turn into paradise.

Thank you

Always you thank him. For each trifle. For everything that it does for you. You love it always. Even when he makes mistakes. As we know, the one who does nothing is not mistaken. Support in any situation and you thank. Never take its help and gifts for granted. Very soon it will just cease to do it because interest will be gone. The woman daily is engaged in homework and does not wait for gratitude. The man will pull up trees only when he for it is praised.

I will tell, but not all

When you hide something from the man, and then he learns about it somehow, it becomes unpleasant. The relations are under construction on trust. And if you are ready to entrust something to the girlfriend, but do not speak about it to the darling, it is very offensive. The man wants to know what happens to you. Why you come home without mood. And if he asks you about it, try to answer most honestly. It is not necessary to discuss, of course, any insignificant trifles of type of torments concerning color of a bag which can be bought on a sale. All important points need to be discussed with it. And still, be not accustomed to discuss it with girlfriends, friends and relatives. Your relations concern only you two. It is not necessary to devote in them someone else.

The blinding sex

Have sex, giving all themselves, all the energy to fill power stocks of the man. Do it every time as the last. Learn something new, you watch emotions and try what will be pleasant to both of you. Let each your proximity will be magnificent. That later there was such state in which you some in the Universe, and are not present anything else. After such sex the man will not want to look at the party. Make everything that he understood that it for you only. And you are ready to be given it passionately and selflessly.

To remove hints

Men do not understand hints, and women hint-hint, and then take offense. If you want something, tell about it directly. It is not necessary to wriggle and to think out something. If you want that it brought you camomiles on Thursdays – tell about it. Also it is not necessary to tell a story that Mashka and Katke husbands carry camomiles on Thursday. He will not understand it. If you want him to wash for himself dishes – tell about it directly. It is not necessary to beat around the bush, complaining of fatigue.

Sport and leaving

Men like to look at a beautiful female body. Play sports. Eat properly and you strive for perfection. Then your man will try to become better. Ideally to play sports together.

Look after the skin. There is nothing more pleasant, than to iron a velvet female body. Also do not forget about unostentatious aromas and oils for massage. It will disclose your femininity and will make you even more desired.

Interests and hobby

It is not necessary to be dissolved in the man and to call him each five minutes with the question "you where". Let you will have the life, the interests. Read, be engaged in the body, communicate with friends. Let your life will be interesting and fascinating. And the man needs personal space in which nobody will become hollow each 20 minutes. Of course, joint occupations are necessary for you, but it is not always possible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team