7 things which women cannot write about themselves on dating sites

7 things which women cannot write about themselves on dating sites

In the questionnaire on dating sites it is necessary to present himself more favourably, than others, to show the uniqueness, to hook on other person. On similar services there is fierce competition and accurate rules of the game. If you were registered there, be ready to carry out them. In this case the chance to find "that" person considerably increases.

Trite phrases and cliche when filling the questionnaire

Remember that your main goal is to show the uniqueness. Trite phrases on type "I like to read, watch movies and to go to theater" do not cling at all and do not give any information on you. Similar offers look too generalized and banal, push away.

Reveal yourself real, write sincerely. If you like to watch movies, tell about favourite genres and give several examples. In case your tastes coincide, practically with absolute probability will become interested in you. It is important to each of us to find the person with similar interests and values. The one who will really understand.

In addition, refuse quotes when filling the questionnaire. If the man aimed at the serious relations sees the hammered quotes by the "woman-sounds is proud, looks beautifully, smells pleasantly and frays nerves skilfully" type in a profile of the great lady, it most likely will immediately leave this profile and will continue search. It looks silly and childly.

Search of the partner only for creation of family and the birth of children

Similar statements not only look miserable, but also can frighten off. The man will want to construct with you family only after sees the created personality and will fall in love with her. Meanwhile you – it is no more at all, than just a profile on a dating site. Desire to start a strong family – it is fine, but for a start it is necessary to find the worthy person, and only after that to share with it the plans and dreams.

Awakening in the man of interest by means of empathy to you

If at your profile there are phrases like "I was so tired to look for the real man", "I had very heavy relations with former from which I still did not recover" – remove them immediately. Nobody loves whining people, the first man will never solve your problems. Similar questionnaires leave unpleasant aftertaste, avoid it. On dating sites are registered for an institution of the relations pleasant in every sense, but not for rendering psychological assistance to someone.

Requirements from a "man has to" series

Many women mistakenly believe that if they write directly about the desire that the man drove them in expensive restaurants and gave flowers every week, it will eliminate insolvent men. Actually similar will push away most of adequate partners rather. Remember, any man has to nothing to you.

Even if you were registered on the website for the relations by calculation hardly anyone will arrange if your first questions concern the amount of income. It will be not sincerity, but rudeness. It is necessary to communicate with the personality, but not with a men's purse.

Unreliable information about

All of us like to embellish reality, to show it from the side, more favorable to us. What strong would not be temptation to reduce the age, to boast of an ideal figure and long wavy hair, it is worth writing only the truth. You remember, someone looks for such person as you.

The exaggeration in some facts is admissible if you plan communication only in network. If you are going to meet the interlocutor in live, the opened deception quickly will lead to loss of interest from its party.

Lack of a riddle for men

It is not necessary to tell everything about the life completely. What school studied on what subject there was a thesis as whom parents, how many rooms in the apartment work. It boringly and long, not everyone will be able to read the full autobiography. In addition, you risk to be left without uniform subject for a conversation.

The request not to disturb "unworthy" men

It is worth avoiding the use in the questionnaire of similar expressions: "I ask not to disturb me if you the unemployed, the alcoholic, without apartment and the car, weigh more than 80 kg. Will be enough for me to write. I look for the normal man".

These phrases look extremely uncivilizedly and tactlessly. Most likely, these such words will push away the worthy man. Do not concentrate on a negative, tell better what qualities for you will be preferable.

Surplus of information on

Filling out the questionnaire on the site of dating, girls tell too much that it is interesting to them. It is worth being a little wiser and to write to this line what can interest the man. Perhaps, you understand soccer or are fond of fishing. Surely specify this information.

The given advice surely will help you to find the partner in life. You love and be favourite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team