7 types of women from whom men run

7 types of women from whom men run

More often women complain of absence of the partner in life. The reasons for which men, do not keep near women much. Studying this problem, psychologists allocated several types of women who involuntarily push away from themselves men.

Quite often women think why they do not have relations with an opposite sex. It seems, still yesterday he invited to an appointment, tried to obtain arrangement. And suddenly disappeared from life: took French leave or with scandal, having accused it of all mortal sins. And as a result – e tears and quite often diffidence. Why does that happenWhy does that happenWhy does that happen? Psychologists who allocated seven main types of women from whom men run tried to find the answer to this question.   

Seven types of women from whom men run

1.     Excessively self-confident

Excessively self-confident woman in itself is given, as a rule, by her relation to surrounding and the man. At first sight it seems that at her everything is excellent on life, she is purposeful, unique, independent, independent, in everything counts on herself. She hardly to allow the satellite to pay for herself in cafe, having proved to it that it is quite provided and not bad earns. In communication such woman, as a rule, shows the stability and independence and also constant employment and a lack of time on "trifles". Generally, such lady comes back to Earth, only once again to remind the happy satellite as he was lucky though it, according to her, is not always worthy such unearthly beauty as it. It is natural that near such self-confident woman, not each man is capable to sustain long.

2.   Too emotional, or hysterical woman

At first sight, such woman is very emotional. And, apparently, everything always suits her. In the relations with the man she considers that he just has to perceive it such what it is. And to prove the case she quite often makes rows, for no particular reason sheds tears and quite often beats ware. T even if he first starts wiping to it tears and to calm, over time it will bother him. At best he will remain with the companion, and will be with the exhausted mentality, nervous, in the worst – will leave there where to it will be quieter.

2.     Excessively correct, or honors pupil

Such woman it is visible from far away. It correct from tops to heels. It in the house has a full order: cups on a shelf with the handles turned in one party, ware in the flowers, linen – too, at each thing the place. She has no addictions and accurately observes a day regimen. And, apparently, she has even a sex according to the schedule. Than the man learns about such woman more, that quicker he wants to leave her. Otherwise he should refuse about many hobbies including harmful. Therefore not to frighten off the man, excessively correct woman it is necessary to allow to allow to appear at least sometimes to the satellite in native to it "elements", allowing not to put away socks or it is wrong to make ware.

4.     Excessively refinement, or Turgenev young lady

Excessive refinement - one more devil in the woman, capable to rouse the man to flight. She re-read all classics, loves music, theater. Reddens and turns pale even from a harmless kiss in a cheek. Ordinary men with their terrestrial interests, communicating with "Ms. refinement", quite often feel dickey. And soon, as a rule, such relations come to naught. Except citing classics, it is necessary and to be able to prepare.  

5.     Excessively careful, or "mummy"

Strangely enough, but excessive care of the partner, usually strains men who by the nature appreciate own freedom. At the beginning of the relations such attention can give pleasure.And to whom it is not pleasant when on a table it is waited by a ready breakfast, on a hanger the ironed shirt which is carefully picked up to a suit weighs?  As a rule, such woman undertakes all cares of the satellite. And then himself attributes all its victories, pleasures, grieves and defeats. Care of the partner at it always on the first place. But sooner or later such excessive guardianship will lead to discontent and "revolt".

6.     Maniacal desire to marry, or the eternal bride

 Stories about family values, excessive desire to twist the family nest can guard the partner who for the second day of acquaintance is conducted to acquaint with parents of future bride. Perhaps, it also not against a marriage, but you should not frighten him the impatience. The man needs to give time for decision-making and succession of events on the plan which is drawn up to it. Otherwise in it suspicion will wake up that the family nest can be calf shelter.

7.     Too business, or convinced careerist

Such woman constantly thinks of career, advance about an office ladder. Business – the only thing that interests her in life.It is natural that men, as a rule, not always perceive such eagerness to work positively. In traditional understanding of the stronger sex the woman, first of all, - the keeper of the family center, mother and the wife. In the relations with the careerist quite often the status of "soulmate" is transformed to "the good friend" and "interlocutor".  

Correction of mistakes

To keep the relations between the man and the woman, the woman needs to work over herself. Especially, if she had a bitter experience already before. And for this purpose and to try to find out the reason why men run from it. In this case occupations with the psychologist or visit of special courses and trainings, reading special books can come to the rescue. Generally, work on itself and own mistakes is only welcomed.

Not everything is lost

However, if it is impossible to change itself, you should not despair. In each rule there is an exception. And it means, as mummies, both hysterical women, and the careerist can find the prince. The main thing not to hurry. And, perhaps, it soon to appear on the horizon.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team