8 men's habits which irritate all women

8 men's habits which irritate all women

Most of men do not even guess because of what their romantic relations failed. There are men's habits which irritate women up to final disappointment in the partner.


Unscrupulous men irritate most of women. Non-compliance with elementary rules of personal hygiene, an unpleasant smell and untidy appearance spoil all impression. Even the good and clever guy can easily lose arrangement pleasant girls because of the untidiness.

Men also should pay attention to a condition of the teeth. It is not enough of those who love campaigns on doctors, but the beautiful smile is worth it.

As for a hairstyle, beautiful well-groomed hair are mostly a female prerogative, but also the stronger sex should not forget about the head of hear.

The successful hairstyle is capable to completely change an image of the man and to make it more nice.

The widespread mistake is to try to cover high temples with the remains of hair. The brutal bald head, than pathetic bald spots is better.


The untidiness often goes "in a set" with untidiness. Scattering of things on all house, inaccurate use of a bathroom, the left ware and a disorder in personal belongings belongs to untidiness.

At the beginning of the romantic relations the untidiness can be perceived as a small amusing shortcoming, but over time it develops into the real problem.

If desired it is possible to try "to re-educate" the man, but most often the similar behavior is a result of ill-breeding or essence of the person.  

Plyushkin's syndrome

There is a category of men with "Plyushkin's syndrome". They drag to the house all necessary and unnecessary, littering space more and more. Clear-out brings them or into rage, or causes in them panic. Such thrifty guys value each small screw and do not allow to carry out audit of things.

Usually their dwelling reminds a warehouse or a dump. It is very heavy to live in such space, and it is simply impossible to bring order without scandal.

The woman can understand only moneymaking of money and jewelry, but not stuff.

If you do not want to lose such thrifty man, allocate him the certain room for storage.


 Bad guys attractively look only in youth and in cheap female novels. In real adulthood the rude ill-bred men will hardly be able to sweetheart worthy women.

Very few people from ladies will like rudeness, roughness and foul language. Disrespect for people, platitude, insults and bad sense of humour irritate, frighten and push away women. Such men are not considered as the reliable partner in life and as the father of future children.

Computer games

Computer games in many love relations became real "stumbling block" and the cause of frequent quarrels. Compulsive gamblers spend all free time in virtual reality, and on family turn less and less attention.

Men, quite often dependent on computer games, spend quite impressive part of the budget for "hobby".

Women do not love the competition, and the inattention of the beloved will strongly wound them.

Correctly place priorities, hobbies should not stir private life.

Pity to

The habit to complain constantly of life irritates many women. Male whiners – it is not sexual. Guys who see in all a negative, suspect people around of envy and intrigues, and all the failures shift to combination of circumstances, cause only irritation and desire to quicker stop with them communication.

 In representation of the woman the real man is self-assured and even in the most difficult life situations will be able to find the right decision. 

The quiet and positive man in communication will draw attention of the fair sex rather, than gloomy and eternally dissatisfied the grumbler.

Inability to behave in society

Awkwardness and irritation in women are caused by the men who are not able to behave in society. The lack of good manners, a habit to champ at a table, to scratch publicly in intimate places, to spit on a floor and other disgusting moments in behavior are not admissible in decent society.

Good manners, knowledge of etiquette and ability to support a conversation – the skills necessary in the modern world. Women are very attentive to similar things and will appreciate the man having such advantages.

The ability is beautiful to look after, give compliments and to behave surely in society make the man very attractive in the opinion of ladies.   

Friday sit-round gathering with friends

Friends are sacred. Such or similar phrase on sense was heard by many women. Ideally the loving couple has to have mutual friends, but there are men who prefer to spend each Friday evening separately from the second half.

Meetings with friends are an excellent pastime and you should not become angry about the man for similar leisure. However if such sit-round gathering occurs more often and then the man a half of days off suffers from a hangover - it is a bad omen. Any woman will not like to live with the idler, to constantly share him with friends and to be playing a supporting role.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team