8 proofs that men and women — from different planets

8 proofs that men and women — from different planets

Men – from Mars, and the woman – from Venus. So the psychologist John Gray in the popular eponymous book of 1994 claimed. In it the famous Englishman tells about so significant differences in psychology of floors that they can quite be read out natives from different planets.

1. Relation to problems and difficulties

Each man has the inner world, a hole or a cave in which it can retire and hide from the whole world. If to the man it becomes bad, he retires to himself. Sometimes retires for a long time and at these moments he does not love that it was touched or intruded upon leisure in its "shell". There will pass time, and everything will get better by itself. After that the man will leave internal "cave" and will be accepted to daily affairs. So they are arranged and they like it.

If to the woman it becomes bad and problems lean, she brings together around herself other women, the family and girlfriends. Together they can long talk, have a good time or just sit together. And after a while it becomes better for women. So they are suited and they like to live so.

2. Difference in work of a brain

At the man the left and right cerebral hemispheres show the activity serially. When the right hemisphere works, left slows down. At the same time blood flows more actively to that hemisphere which is involved at present. It helps the man to concentrate on one task and to qualitatively carry out it. At the same time men extremely are negative to different irritants which distract them.

Both hemispheres often work for the woman at the same time. Thanks to this ability of the lady can perceive and analyze at the same time large amount of versatile information. Therefore women can speak at the same time by phone, cook borsch, watch the soap opera and look for the child.

The man, as a rule, can do all things separately. But, thanks to deeper concentration on each type of activity, achieves the best results.

3. Understanding of logic

The men's logic can be compared to laws of mathematics. In it there are accurate rules which cannot be violated. Otherwise the logical reasoning or a chain become illogical. Women "interweave" own feelings into laws of logic.

According to one of professors of mathematical logic, the female logic looks approximately so: "If the B follows from a statement And, and it is pleasant to B, then And – is true". In other words, ladies reflect so: "If my man has money, then he has to buy me a new fur coat. And as a fur coat – it is very pleasant, it follows from this that the husband has money".

For men such train of thought is absurd by definition, for women – quite clear and correct, not giving reasons to doubt its falsehood. For example, if the man to doubt available souls at people on the basis of absence of proof of this fact, women will agree with it rather. But if he specifies, women are considered as "heartless" beings too, it is necessary to him hardly.

More than 100 years ago the scientific community came to a conclusion that the men's logic is rectilinear and considers only the necessary and important facts and the phenomena. The female logic almost for 100% is based on an intuition and considers thousands and millions of details up to absolutely foreign and unnecessary.

Therefore from school it is noticed that boys understand mathematics and the exact sciences, girls better – humanitarian objects. The mathematical logic is very close to logic men's. And the women's model of logical thinking promotes assimilation of humanitarian objects more.

Illogical, from the male point of view, I will give a statement or behavior, it is actually subordinated to strict, but peculiar conclusions. Coming to any given for itself to a conclusion, the female brain scrolls all possible options of succession of events. Aloud at the same time issues the answer only seeming to illogical. Actually it – final and only a right link in a long chain of lightning reasonings of the specific woman.

4. Men are deeper, and women are more plastic

After the careful and comprehensive investigation of male and female intelligence, scientists found out a set of distinctions. At women the visual memory is better developed, they it is tenacious and precisely notice numerous external and internal differences between objects, the facts and the phenomena. The male intelligence is more large-scale and perspective, focused on accurate approaches to a problem.

It is easier for woman to remember visually the road, the man – by means of the card and topographical names. Having ability to concentrate on the purposes, men make great discoveries more often. Women manage to adapt these opening for everyday life thanks to the creative development and high assiduity better.

5. The woman speaks more often, the man – is silent

The Australian researchers counted that the average man tells a day about 2000 words, the average woman – about 8000.

It occurs because the woman often thinks aloud, being at loss for words and phrases for expression of the current emotions and conclusions. Therefore her speech flows softly and continuously as the wide river, reflecting the woman's thoughts. At the same time thoughts can be absolutely others, and words to be only an external sketch to them. For this reason men are surprised to that how often ladies change the opinion and the desires.

Men think silently, concentrating on a task. Excess words only distract them. They can not talk long and at the same time the women surrounding them often think that the man took offense or is not interested in them. Women think words therefore they constantly press the partners, asking them, expressing the feelings and even just filling silence.

6. Men are visual, and women – ears

The man, falling in love with the woman, it is fascinated, first of all, by her appearance. And only then – to all others. The woman at the same time is interested in that, the man how exactly loves her. It can be explained with the fact that for the woman for her existence it is necessary that she was loved. It is not really important for men.

According to Freud, it is more difficult for little girls to feel the identity, they have no penis, as at boys, or female forms, as at mother. This feature does it dependent on men's desires. But as men by nature of a poligamna, women perfectly know that men's desires are changeable. Therefore ladies need to ask the partners constantly: they love them or not and why.

7. Men are self-sufficient, women need constant development

In the relations between men and women it is constantly necessary for the second that their partner moved forward, developed together with it. It is necessary for the man that he was loved it what it is. If to the woman begins something in it it is not pleasant, he begins to doubt her feelings to it or to perceive it as reproach.

At the same time, when the woman says to the man that they should go more often somewhere, it does not mean that her man the homebody. She just suggests it to do more often something together, shows to it attention.

8. Women want the man to foresee her desires

From the male point of view if the woman does not ask about anything concrete, then it needs nothing. And it at this moment needs a lot of things from the man, but she waits that he guessed everything.

Many women, thanks to the developed intuition, feel needs of the people surrounding them. And, in process of the opportunities, satisfy them to the extent that they are capable of it. At the same time consider that men can do the same. Also take offense at them when their partners cannot guess female desires.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team