8 signs of mentally healthy man

8 signs of mentally healthy man

Women seek to choose healthy, strong and mentally balanced partners. At assessment of qualities they rely on own intuition and reason. There is a number of signs by which it is possible to determine whether the man mentally is healthy and whether it is possible to build with him the relations.

Healthy sense of humour

Mentally healthy man has a good sense of humour. If the person gloomy, seldom smiles, does not understand jokes, it can indicate his tendency to depressions, too high requirements to itself and people around. To build the relations with such partners rather difficult, and they do not suit some women categorically. 

When choosing the man it is necessary to pay attention to those who are able to joke appropriate and thinly. Tendencies to ridiculing, to the use ""jokes are lower than a belt"" can demonstrate existence of such problems as diffidence, impulsiveness.

Experts advise to pay attention to how the man laughs. If he widely opens a mouth, throws back the head, gives the loud cries, it can speak about love for unfaithfulness or to be symptoms of a psychopathia. But the excessive restraint is not good sign too. Such people are inclined to psychoses. If the man can long look at the darling after the told joke and at the same time does not look away, he should be suspected of aggressive behavior. 

Ability to be responsible for the acts

Mentally healthy and adequate man is able to realize consequences of the actions and to be responsible for acts which he makes. He does not fly into a rage, does not suffer from differences of mood. If the person can flare up, tell unpleasant things, and then apologizes, says that he was not right, but everything repeats at first, most likely, he is not absolutely healthy in the mental plan. 

Also strange actions have to guard. Ability to behave and to react adequately to any events - it is very important. The man who constantly raises the voice threatens, humiliates the interlocutor who dared to object it, cannot be considered as healthy mentally. Finding of such person will oppress nearby. 

Features of sexual behavior

Mentally healthy man adequately behaves in the presence of women. He is able to look after and estimates the return reaction, adjusting according to it the further behavior. If the darling shows coldness and hostility, the man recedes, changes tactics or maintains a pause. Persistent desire to achieve the at any cost - sign of tyranny and pathological jealousy. With such people it is necessary to be more careful. 

Psychologically healthy man is easy in communication and does not make a claim, does not make jealousy rows to the girl at the very beginning of the relations. Excessively smart, defiantly defiant behavior can be considered sign of some violations too. Such people are ambitious, like to draw attention and are inclined to exaggerate the victories. 

Sexologists consider that completely healthy men are inclined to choose women of a certain type. They are attracted by ladies with the womanly figure, magnificent hips which is well expressed by a waist. Fans of the thin women allocated with ""men's"" type of a figure, as a rule, are infantile and irresponsible. Some experts consider that such addictions can be sign of latent homosexuality. 

Existence of a hobby

If the man has a hobby, it is very good sign. The enthusiasm for something gives the chance to switch attention, to have a rest from daily problems. 

If the person finds for a hobby too much free time, it has to guard. But some conclusions it is premature you should not draw. Often men push hobbies into the background at emergence in their life of the beloved. The total absence of interests or hobby for hazardous, computer games can become a reason for nervousness. In combination with love for alcohol it is possible even to suspect the hidden despotism and reduced intelligence.

Ability to prepare

Mentally healthy man has elementary skills of self-service and is able to prepare. It is not about abilities of the chef. The man can cook only simple dishes and is very rare, but this ability is necessary. It indicates a maturity, the developed sense of responsibility. In many modern families both the husband, and the wife work. Therefore there is nothing terrible if from time to time the man undertakes cares of cooking or performance of any chores. The unwillingness to do this work indicates infantility. Such men grow up in families where women charge with all burden of responsibility themselves and indulge sons, without allowing them to approach a plate and to show an initiative concerning other duties. 

Relation to sport

The people caring for physical health seldom have mental disorders. For men it is very important to visit the gym or to lead active lifestyle. It gives them self-confidence, saves from complexes. If the man plays sports regularly, it is very good sign. 

Connected and competent speech

Sign of mental health is the competent and connected speech. It is necessary to pay attention to a manner of a conversation of the man, contents of its remarks and monologues. Disturbing sign is excessive narcissism, criticism to other people and desire to deride someone, use of obscene expressions in the speech. If the man uses foul language, without hesitating of the companion, it is worth thinking whether such partner is necessary. 

The inability to express the thoughts, block of the speech indicate sluggish temperament, unwillingness to take the responsibility. Experts consider that it is necessary to avoid men who too quietly react to some sensitive issues. It is difficult to predict further behavior of such people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team