8 signs of the hidden violence in family

8 signs of the hidden violence in family

Many women, suffering violence from the spouse year after year, do not even suspect from it. Really, they are not beaten and even, perhaps, not offended and do not talk to them roughly. Nevertheless, except physical, there is also a violence psychological which consequences are not less terrible. 8 signs will help you to understand that in your family relations not everything is all right.


1. You put interests, desires and needs of the partner much above the and are ready to go to the victims that he was happy. If the partner negatively reacts to your actions, you are inclined to explain it that "made something not that or not so again".

2. Your communication out of family is minimized: friends almost ceased to visit you and you get out on a visit more and more seldom. Your partner does not encourage similar option of leisure. At the same time, when you remain alone, you seldom are engaged in something useful and pleasant, most often sort out the relations and state mutual claims.

3. You try to get in any ways out of a conflict situation, not to allow to inflame to a quarrel or somehow in a different way to heat a situation. And it concerns not only relationship with the spouse, but also other spheres of life: you in every way try to preserve "patched-up peace", and resolving working issues, and communicating with relatives and friends, say, in any situations. It is easier for you to adapt, than to advocate own views and the interests.

4. All of you think less often of what all of you want, constantly caring for needs of the spouse and other relatives. Gradually you cease to realize the desires and requirements.

5. You dull an instinct of self-preservation and sense of danger. For example, the thirst for extreme sports or driving of the car at great speed can appear.

6. You feel constant fatigue, and it does not depend on that how you slept well and whether worked much. It is harder and harder for you to make the simplest decisions, to cope with everyday tasks. You feel insufficiently reasonable and competent for this purpose.

7. At you sexual desire was gone. You just concede to the partner not to provoke another conflict, but do not feel such requirement.

8. Even if you decide that your relations do not suit you and it is time to put them an end, you forgive the partner again and again, once it confesses and to promise that everything will change. You should not deceive yourself: everything will be again as before while you do not break off these relations which you destroy.

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