9 certain ways to lose the man

9 certain ways to lose the man

In the relations with an opposite sex of the woman often make inexcusable mistakes. The wrong behavior - a certain way to lose the beloved forever.

To keep feelings of the man, his love rather difficult. Much easier and quicker to lose trust. Making mistakes, women risk to destroy the relations. 


There is an opinion that men love women with troublemaking character, but it is wrong. Men prefer ladies with ""highlight"", but not scandalous. Continuous reproaches, cavils it is only possible to anger the elect, to force him out. Perhaps, at first such relations will seem to him interesting, bright, but over time it will want heat, tranquility and regularity. It is especially relevant if the man looks for the woman for creation of family, but not for fleeting communication. 


One of the most certain ways to lose the man - to offend it. Sometimes only one episode that it left forever suffices. Attempts to humiliate men's advantage will not lead to anything good. The person with rough temperament can even flare up, be rude in reply. It is impossible not only offend, but also constantly to criticize the man. Only constructive criticism is admissible and it makes sense to state the remarks only if they can change something.

Men love when they are respected or even admire them. The woman who got used to offend and humiliate will never be able to find personal happiness. Men will leave her to those who will give the chance to feel significant. 

Attempts to change the man

If the woman is not afraid to lose the man, she can try it to remake. But in most cases it will not result in desirable result. It is almost impossible to change the adult. It is possible to correct behavior of the partner if to work very carefully and was able. Most of women just prefer to criticize, compare the man to someone more successful and successful and to demand implementation of any given requirements therefore lose darling. 


The commercialism destroys the relations. If the girl demands too much, asks expensive gifts, it is capable to frighten off the man. They perceive such persistence as attempt to manipulate and aspiration to obtaining benefit. The elect begins to suspect the woman that she needs only money. The restrained vanity forces to refuse such doubtful communication. The girls wishing to adjust private life can advise to abstract for a while from a financial subject and to concentrate all attention on the relations. If lovers just meet, but do not live together, did not make the decision on the general budget, everyone has the right to dispose of the money at own discretion. 


The pathological jealousy is capable to kill love. It is not pleasant to men when constantly state them claims, suspect of something, make scandals, check personal mail and try to control each step. The woman should understand that without trust it is impossible to construct the healthy and happy relations. On the other hand, demonstration of jealousy of anything good will not bring. It will only anger the partner, but will not help to prevent potential treason in any way. 

Bad mood

If the woman constantly stays in bad mood, her elect will think sooner or later of whether such relations are necessary to it. From communication with the fair sex of the man wait for ease, joy, positive emotions. It does not mean that the girl has no right for own feelings, cannot long when there is an occasion. But the constant negative proceeding from her kills love. If the man respects and appreciates himself, he will leave to that which will give it warmth and a smile. 

Violation of personal space

One more effective way to lose the man is to interpose constantly in his matter, to try to specify what to do to it, where to go. Often the women behaving in this way have no own interests or are not sure of themselves. To keep love, it is necessary to understand in time that such attitude towards the partner and his personal liberty is not admissible. 

Frivolous behavior

The woman flirting with other men, affording some liberties, behaving too freely risks to lose the elect very quickly. The slight jealousy warms up feelings, but it is absolutely other case. Men are owners by the nature. They do not suffer situations when it is necessary to share the woman with someone else, to hear sneers from outside. 


On a lie it is impossible to construct the harmonious relations. Some men so strongly hate a lie that they are capable to leave the darling when they knows of deception. When the woman does not want to lose darling, it is better not to begin communication with a lie even if it seems to them quite innocent. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team