9 differences of the happy woman

9 differences of the happy woman

The happy woman should be noticed. She perfectly looks, is happy with herself, is benevolent to people. There are also other signs which give state of mind.

The feeling of happiness has no relation to financial position and marital status. To find internal harmony, it is necessary to want it just very strongly. There is a number of the signs giving happy women. 

Positive attitude towards

The happy woman is distinguished by the positive attitude towards itself, acceptance of with all merits and demerits. The people surrounding her do not notice small defects and are loaded with positive energy. The lucky woman looks at herself in a mirror with pleasure. She loves herself and each part of the body. Even if the nature did not award with effective features, and the figure is far from an ideal, it does not disturb the happy woman. She all the same considers herself the queen and behaves as appropriate. 

Experts conducted a number of researches and came to a conclusion that women who are all right with a self-assessment and in private life do not want to change the appearance. They are happy that have and ask for the help plastic surgeons much less often, are more conservative in the choice of a hairstyle, style in clothes. 

Pleasant appearance

Happy women look good. They with pleasure look after themselves not to be pleasant, and for themselves. If the woman is happy, she radiates positive energy and charm even if it is not made up, very simply dressed. She as if flits, without doing excess movements therefore looks easy, womanly, air and romantic. 

Smile upon the face

The happy woman often smiles. She derives pleasure from life and shares emotions with other people. Her sincere, real smile. It can seem to someone not absolutely appropriate, but it is difficult for lucky woman to constrain itself. 

Lack of envy to more successful

The happy woman does not envy more successful and successful girlfriends, relatives. The envy destroys the person from within, prevents it to live. This feeling and happiness are not compatible. The happy woman does not envy but only she rejoices for others. The example of others success inspires her on own personal growth, induces to actions.

Lucky women are grateful to destiny for the fact that they have, and difficulties and problems perceive with optimism. All tests are given to the person to have an opportunity to feel more happily. When everything turns out at once, it is perceived as due. If to set a goal and to achieve it, it is possible to feel unusual internal rise. 

Someone to discuss unwillingness 

If the person is happy, he does not like to gossip and discuss someone. Only those who are not self-assured, envy more successful act this way. Lucky women did not get used to penetrate into details of others private life and to give the assessment to actions of other people. Especially they do not fall before discussion of appearance. 


Self-confidence - one more sign of happiness. Women at whom everything is good, believe in themselves, in the forces. They do not try to be pleasant to someone. Lucky women have own opinion, but impose it to nobody. They respect other people, but at the same time are able to defend own borders. If the happy woman is sure of the correctness, but someone convinces her of the return, she will just smile or will step aside, without having wished to spend precious time on a bet. 

Acceptance of the past

Offenses from the past often prevent people to be happy. The unsuccessful relations, stains, loss of favourite people make the life miserable. But really happy women know as to cope with it. They analyze a situation, recognize personal and others' mistakes and abstract from what was. Acceptance of the past and awareness of impossibility to change it help to find internal harmony. 

Interest in life

Lucky women do not lose interest in life. They with pleasure learn something new, find time for hobbies and small pleasures for themselves. Such women are not afraid to test in different professions, like to travel. 

Good environment

The happy woman is surrounded, as a rule, by good and positive people. Others are gradually discharged as they do not have common interests. Lucky women build the life so that everything brought joy and internal satisfaction. They with pleasure go to work, practically everything suits them in the partner.

Happy women live in harmony with the world around. If in the relations with someone from relatives there is tension, they try to solve this problem as soon as possible. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team