9 men's selfies which enrage women

9 men's selfies which enrage women

Many men like to take a selfie and often post these photos in social networks. Women not always assess such pictures positively, and some photos just irritate them.

It is considered to be that to take a selfie and to post them on the Internet - a female prerogative. But it not absolutely so. Men like to remove themselves too and to show a photo to general public. Melfi is a kind of a selfie or the self-portrait shot by the man with the mobile device. Some experts in the field of psychology and psychiatry consider that men's interest in photography of is a sign of some deviations. Women do not like many men's selfies too. The men posting similar photos on the pages on the social networks risk to be subjected to severe criticism. 

Selfie in the car

The selfies made by the man in the car irritate women. Many perceive it as attempt to show the financial wellbeing. Some men on a photo very unnaturally smile or put on sunglasses, thinking that it will give to an image of the importance. Irritates girls when guys photograph themselves against the background of expensive leather salons or holding a wheel on which the logo of the brand of a prestigious car is visible in hand. 

Half-naked selfie

Selfies in which the man is represented with a naked torso or in even more frank look of many women irritate. They consider such photos excessively candid and even defiant. Similar photos can be shown to the darling, but not to show to their wide range of the audience in any way. 

Taking half-naked selfies, men pursue the different aims. Someone wants to show an excellent figure, someone thus tries to entice, tempt. But almost always emergence of such photos on the Internet causes opposite reaction.

Selfie with a chin

Modern mobile devices are supplied with cameras with wide-angle optics. That selfies turned out successful and face proportions, bodies, were not distorted, it is necessary to photograph itself correctly. The camera should be held at rather long distance from itself, having extended a hand forward. It is possible to use a special stick for a selfie. 

It is better to hold phone directly in the face of if there is a wish to make a plan close. Many men photograph themselves from the lower points and very amusing photos with a big chin turn out. Some specially use this reception to make pictures more interesting. Only it is necessary to consider that such photos just irritate women. 

Selfie from the gym

A selfie from the gym are usually taken by men who are proud of the progress, want to show an excellent figure and to show the commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Love for sports - it is laudable. Many men's pictures taken in halls look beautifully, but some look ridiculously and push away girls, but do not attract. 

Selfie with girls

Men's selfies in an environment of beautiful girls are often not appreciated by relatives and acquaintances. It seems thatIt seems thatIt seems that thus the man wants to show that he is popular. Especially strange and comically photos on which in an environment of girls guys with very mediocre appearance are represented look. 

Some women admit that they do not love similar photos as they are capable to mislead. The man says that he is free, but at the same time shows provocative selfies. 

Selfie in front of the mirror

Women are irritated by men's selfies in front of the mirror. They consider that they can do such photos only. Men have to be courageous, but not spend time for search of successful foreshortenings in front of the mirror. 

Selfie with indecent gestures

Often men, photographing itself, represent indecent gestures or wriggle on the camera. Women perceive such pictures as personal insult. Posting provocative photos in social networks, the man shows the attitude towards the subscribers. Well well-mannered girls, having seen similar selfies, often unsubscribe from a page of the acquaintance and decide for themselves that with such person you should not have nothing in common. 

Selfie parody on glamourous girls

Men often parody women and their aspiration to prove to be. They are photographed in fancy poses, doing lips ""by a duck that strongly irritates. Only owners of great sense of humour treat similar photos calmly. The majority perceive the parody to the account and even take offense. 

Selfie with food

Selfies with food often cause hostility not only in women, but also in men. This trend is not relevant for a long time. Many women find it difficult to answer why it is not pleasant to them when guys post the pictures with food taken on vacation or at restaurant. Such pictures seem to them boring and not interesting. Some see desire to prove to be in beautiful and expensive decor or to show tendency to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in these photos. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team