9 receptions in a female make-up which horrify men

9 receptions in a female make-up which horrify men

It is considered to be that the woman do a make-up to draw attention of men. However many receptions and means cause the real horror in representatives of a strong half of mankind. Not to frighten off potential admirers, it is worth avoiding some frequent mistakes and to attentively estimate result in a mirror.

Accurate konturing

Seeking to make the person thin and relief, girls generously use the darkening and clarifying means: powders, bronzers, blush. However the make-up with underlining of separate zones demands special skill. Inept contrast dabs will not make a nose more graceful and will not hide chubby cheeks. The nonprofessional konturing will turn the person into a clownish mask and really will frighten the gentleman.

Expressly artificial false eyelashes

Languidly bent, dense and fluffy eyelashes look perfectly. But too long, it is figurno better to leave the cut or unusually painted laid on copies for a thematic party. If own eyelashes seem rare and inexpressive, it is possible to paste several thin bunches at an outer edge of an eye, trying that they looked most naturally. But if the romantic appointment with kisses is planned, it is better to refuse a fake completely. One awkward movement – and a bunch of eyelashes will hang on a cheek, having caused a panic attack in the man.

Unsuccessful choice of foundation

Correctly picked up tone means has to coincide with natural skin color. Its task is not to paint a face, and to make it more smooth, fresh, well-groomed. However quite often girls use more dark cream, seeking to create effect of suntan. Deception does not work well: bronze skin ugly contrasts not only with a neck, but also with ears, area at roots of hair hands.

Too light tone will not improve appearance too, the person will look flat and lifeless. The matting means will make skin dim, having emphasized wrinkles and peelings. You should not show to the man small imperfections, it is better to hide them the moisturizing translucent cream of a natural shade.

Abundance of a highlighter

The modern fashionable trend recommends to combine the shining glossy skin with opaque lipstick on lips. However most of men are not capable to appreciate such creative: brilliant cheeks, a forehead and a nose cast thoughts not about freshness, and about the exhausting trainings in the gym. It is better to soften effect of the sweaty person with translucent powder, and slightly to emphasize with gloss lips and cheekbones.

Bright fat lipstick

Choosing bright lipstick, it is worth stopping on resistant opaque or translucent balsam options. Dense glossy lipstick looks beautifully no more than 10 minutes, then it begins to be smeared and spread. The planimetric pencil will not save the situation, and frequent colourings will make lips shapeless. Besides fat prints will be everywhere: on the smartphone screen, glasses, coffee cups, a man's face and its shirt.   

Unusual shades

The leading makeup artists of brands periodically bring black, blue or violet lipstick, red shadows and gray blush into fashion. These products charmingly look on dressing tables and are capable to make an impression on girlfriends. However any man (except for fashion designers, makeup artists and other people, close to fashion) will not estimate a vanguard make-up with application of similar means.

For a romantic appointment it is worth picking up classics: pink blush, gloss of fruit shades and black ink with the extending effect. These means refresh, rejuvenate and approach any type of appearance.  

Too dense layer of a make-up

Foundation, the proofreader, the bronzer and powder applied layer-by-layer can make skin faultless, but are suitable only for photographing. At a daylight the person will remind a mask, and in an hour the tone funds will begin to be raised pleated and wrinkles, to fail during a time, to shine foully. The man instinctively avoid women with a similar make-up, suspecting that he can hide wrinkles, pimples, scars and other imperfections.

Bad shading

The shadows, blush adjusting means demand careful shading. Men do not like all artificial, and noticeable stains on a face signal about obvious and not too skillful make-up. Such mistake is often made by women who are painted at bad lighting or have a bad habit "to do a face" at breakfast, speaking by phone or getting stuck in a traffic jam. 

Permanent make-up

The drawn eyebrows and bright shooters on centuries at a daylight look artificially even if the permanent make-up was done by the good master. And uneven bluish arches and a bloody contour around pale lips will horrify even the most firm man. It is better to replace a permanent make-up with usual cosmetics, using it in moderate doses.

Many men say that girls should not be painted at all. However well imposed make-up with use of the quality, suitable on color cosmetics, yet damaged to nobody. His men just will not notice, having decided that bright lips, a smooth skin and a gentle flush on the darling's cheeks – a generous gift of the nature.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team