9 secrets which the man and the woman have to know about each other

9 secrets which the man and the woman have to know about each other

When fate brings together together the man and the woman, they do not even guess that were attracted to each other not just like that. The choice of the person, first of all, the experience spotted in parental family directs. Last generation transfers the subsequent information on the need for love, participation, respect. These requirements brought by each person from some kind of are found in couple in the form of the conflicts and contradictions. Therefore it is important to men and women to enter the relations prepared and informed on on what the harmonious love union is under construction.

People will find happiness with each other, only if in couple there is a constant exchange of attention. It is required to everyone who enters the love relations. When one of partners loses attention, quarrels, the conflicts, claims begin. The man wants to be for the woman a subject of admiration and a guiding star. He waits from her for consent in everything and shows an initiative, trying to involve in the life, to make an impression. For example, calls with himself on a visit, cinema, restaurant, to the resort.

But there is always a chance that the woman will not agree, having destroyed by that the man's dreams of attention. He can make several attempts, but at refusals will lose interest in such lady sooner or later. And the woman who is not called anywhere and ignore, feels disappointment in the gentleman. In its reading the man who did not manage to win and carry away an object of the sympathy - just the weakling. But he is disappointed not less, than the whimsical partner who rejected all attempts of drawing attention. Such woman automatically is included for the man in the category of bitches.

If exchange of attention was successfully adjusted, in couple the special communication begins to be formed.

It is known that in the nature the energy does not arise from anywhere and does not disappear in anywhere. And in the relations the communication which arose in couple connects people invisible power streams. It circulate between the man and the woman, serially, filling everyone with energy, depriving of the last forces. For this reason when one is depressed and suffers, another is lucky that plunges the first into a bigger despondency.

It is possible to resist to this exhausting dependence if to realize and experience its depth. To mentally return to the partner of his emotion in relation to you, and to take away the to itself back. As soon as someone in couple does not want to give the love and attachment any more, link is broken.

For many years mother remains the main woman in life of the son and, sometimes, it is very difficult to it to step aside in time when that wants to start a family. Even the little girl with whom interfere fears and doubts concerning the fate of the boy at heart continues to live in the adult woman.

In mistrust to the beloved of the son the desire most is to operate his life, to remain as long as possible necessary. It involves the matured child in dangerous dependence which prevents it to become stronger, cleverer, more courageous. In other words, mothers manipulators do not allow sons grow psychologically. For many it is wrapped in alcoholism.

Therefore it is important to man to be exempted from maternal influence, to overcome this dependence, and only then to build the love relations.

The task of the strong man is to study, learn, overcome obstacles, to reveal Space secrets, and then to bear this knowledge to legs of the beloved. Only then he feels correctly and on the place. And the woman, quite naturally, wants to be for it Space, a puzzle which when solving opens before the partner all new and new sides. It is necessary for it that the man was keen on this process eternally that it had even no thought to choose other object for study (that is to decide on treason).

Then the woman decides to secure herself, controls each step of the partner and does not release anywhere. If he tries to object, makes scandal and threatens with a gap. Adopting female rules of the game, the man weakens, loses interest in knowledge. It loses the main mission, gradually turning into the mother's sonny in such relations. Further fading of sexual inclination is inevitable. Though the woman, certainly, feels satisfaction that secured itself against unfaithfulness.

Development, growing, growth of the man in the relations it is possible only under the influence of female love. It feeds the satellite with positive energy, belief in its exclusive qualities capable to provide success to any business. Strong the man does not become by definition, to it the woman allows to feel that. The more she admires it, the more reliably captures attention of darling.

And the man who achieved success, in turn shares it with the inspirer. By the way, for this role, besides the wife or the companion of life, mother also approaches. As soon as the stream of love and attention runs low, the man stops in growth. Therefore instead of reproaches the women whose partners experience material difficulties, need to learn to love them and to inspire.

When to people in couple the attention from each other suffices, it will want them development both for itself, and for the half. If it does not occur, they have unequal relations – the slave and mister. Mister will torment and limit the slave in development, and that submissively to suffer. However the pathetic attempt to tower at the expense of the partner will not turn weak into the strong personality. From such person it is necessary either to run, or to wait for him slow painful regeneration.

As it was already mentioned, the man and the woman build the relations in indissoluble communication with history of last generations. Even in the heavy, exhausting relations where alcoholism, tyranny, manhandling prospers, the partners for something are necessary each other. Perhaps, thus they repeat a course of life of the ancestors, trying to solve their problems descended. And in these unhealthy relations two parties – the torturer and his victim suffer. Both of them bear the impress of sort history, just everyone will have it the.

Male and female energy circulates in the different planes. The stronger sex always aspires up, after streams of the vertical energy. And women ordinarier, their force spreads in the horizontal plane as if creeps on the ground. And somewhere here, making a start from a firm surface, these vital flows of two people are crossed. They can be compared to the earth and a tree which, having taken roots in the soil, seeks to reach the sun. And the woman gives to the partner forces for new victories and growth. When everyone in couple on the place, both feel easily and correctly.

If occurs on the contrary, and the man appears below, such earthquake brings alarm in the relations. The partner will not be able long to be near such woman, like the people leaving zones of seismic activity. Around the wrong female energy the desert is formed. All want to live on the quiet wide plain where it is silent and serene. And not only men, but also friends, the family, colleagues reach for such woman.

The woman needs the assistant who will open before her the world and will teach to learn himself. She looks for it in the man, and that, on the contrary, needs the partner, vnemlyushchy to each his word. That is why, depreciating merits of darling, the woman gets discontent and offense. Only she can turn the man into that ideal, having presented the attention and not stinting recognition of merits, a praise, encouragement. Therefore it is necessary not to forget to feed it with the enthusiastic power. Then your relations will be quiet, harmonious, fruitful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team