9 things which it is impossible to forgive to the man

9 things which it is impossible to forgive to the man

It is possible to close eyes to a lot of things, but there are 9 things which it is never impossible to forgive. This then disrespect and problems will grow as a snowball, doing you every day is more and more unfortunate.

Correspondences with girls

If your young man, or already the husband, flirts with girls in social networks, make prevention. It is impossible to close eyes because the virtual relations often become real to it. Do not listen to justification. Just tell, or it stops any communication with other women in a similar key, or you leave. And be firm in the decision. Flirtation online even if it is for thousands of kilometers from the virtual young lady, is a treason. Call things by their proper names.

It you are guilty of everything

If you notice that your satellite often tells a phrase "it you are guilty" when it is pursued by defeats and failures, think. First, adults know that it is not necessary to blame someone for the troubles. And secondly, if you couple, means charges in general are inappropriate. Even if you are really guilty of something, it as the man, should not shout to you of it. The adult man makes decisions independently and is responsible for consequences. And if you constantly are guilty of everything, and you try to drive in sense of guilt, break off these relations. You need the mature man who will be responsible both for himself, and for the family.


If he does not respect you, your friends and your family, it will come to an end in nothing good. Do not allow anybody to humiliate yourself. Everything begins harmlessly. At first he will not want to go to congratulate your mother because it is more interesting to drink beer on a shop, then will forbid you to meet girlfriends, and then will tell that your place at a plate, and nothing here.

From such man you will never wait for either support, or the help. He will exploit you only. Also will erase everyone who will try to open for you eyes on the events from your life. Well think, you the truth need the man who does not respect either you, or your relatives at all?

Let's remember the past

If the man constantly remembers to you all that was to him, think, to you it is the truth it is necessary? He only will also stick all joint life into you with your errors of youth which want to forget and be not to remembered. For this reason you should never discuss the former. That there was no temptation to point a finger at you and to remind how many they were "to".

Some men just kill a self-assessment with continuous reproaches. If you do not want to live in hell, stop these toxic relations right now. The past has to remain in the past, it is not necessary to project it on the present.

It is also necessary to sever relations if it constantly compares you to the former. Not important, in plus you or in minus.

Jealousy and total control

If he constantly controls you and is jealous, reads your correspondences with girlfriends and eavesdrops on conversations, it is possible to decide mistakenly that he loves and is afraid to lose. Actually, it not so. Your life will turn into a nightmare. In every minute on which you will be late from work there will be a cross-questioning. White light will not be lovely. In a jealousy rush it easily can deprive of you life or cripple. It is necessary to you? It it is impossible to forgive, do not close an eye to excessive jealousy.


If the man constantly lies, even in trifles is very big occasion to think whether it is worth continuing the relations. The pathological liar is a diagnosis. He lies so that it is impossible to understand where he tells the truth and where he once again invents. Not only that he lies at each case, he believes that he speaks. And the relations, as we know, are under construction on trust. To build them with the person who does not know where the truth and where his fiction?

Various dependences

If you see that the man abuses alcohol or narcotic medicines - it is a signal to action: run! The quicker, the better, having torn off all communications. It is possible to refer to dependences also a constant prosizhivaniye in phone, or at the computer. Whether you are ready to watch constantly how your man plays tanks, so far you carry out his duties?


If you saw that he is cruel to animals, or in relation to the one who is weaker – it it is impossible to forgive. Then, when the relations will become serious, this cruelty will be shown in relation to you and your children. Would you likeWould you likeWould you like it?

Use you for achievement of the purposes

If you see that you are mounted upon a neck, it is time to say goodbye to the partner. It is that it is impossible to forgive. Because further it will only be worse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team