9 types of girls from whom men run

9 types of girls from whom men run

All know what girls are pleasant to men: beautiful, kind, understanding, economic. However with such partners not everyone is lucky, women from whom there is a wish to run away already at the first stage of acquaintance come across to some. Men allocate several widespread types which it is better not to contact.

Mad about appearance

Such girl can claim that she looks after herself to attract, and then and to hold "the man". However actually she is absorbed only by herself. With her it is impossible to keep up the conversation: the anxious beauty will reduce any conversation to a subject of the cellulitis (real or imagined), a supereffective diet, need of Botox and injections of hyaluronic acid. Even the most understanding girlfriends are not capable to listen to such monologues infinitely, and the unprepared man will run away after couple of meetings.


The girl carefully planned the future and tries to introduce necessary amendments in the chaos reigning in life of relatives. The slightest delay or change of plans for it become the tragedy, any spontaneous act is capable to bring to a nervous breakdown. She demands the report on that, how was your day, that is planned for the weekend, infinitely specifies and adjusts each trifle. Sometimes such control passes into the real paranoia which is making the life miserable to relatives. The similar partner will suit only very infantile men needing constant guardianship, to creative natures it is contraindicated.


Life of such girl reminds pictures from the glossy magazine. She tries to correspond completely to an ideal, remembering that the real woman has to be always beautiful, successful, interesting in communication, having faultless children and the most well-groomed house. Sometimes to it highly put level manages to reach, but to a thicket the girl breaks and begins to accuse all surrounding. Naturally, the first under blow nothing gets the suspecting partner. The best exit for it – quickly to drop out of sight perfectionistic and not to spoil the ideal picture.


The female workaholic will see off on service all the time and with pleasure takes work home. She can be very mercantile, demanding extra money for processings, but works only for the idea more often. Also the workaholics volunteers who are not receiving remunerations for the work at all meet. Her demand and assessment of people around is important for such girl (and they are usually really appreciated). Out of habitual activity she feels uncomfortably and seeks to go back to work as soon as possible. The man in her life just does not have the place, he will feel superfluous soon and will run away.

Eternal bride

The purpose of life of such girl – a marriage. To hardly familiar person it begins to describe a style of the wedding dress, style in which the celebration and the number of children in future family will be sustained. Any male character is immediately estimated as the husband, longer relations – a reason for constant hints and offenses. However hints are not necessary to the skilled man: violent desire to legalize the relations to shine in eyes and frightens the unprepared applicant.


The girl considering the man as the animated ATM obliged to fulfill all her wishes. Already on the first appointment she leads concerning its solvency, and at the next meeting hints at gifts. Bouquets and boxes of chocolates – not its level. A jewelry, furs, designer dresses, expensive gadgets are considered. The question who pays at restaurant is not even discussed. The sane man leaves after the first hints, appetites of such girls grow in a geometrical progression.


The girls seeking to shroud the potential partner in care. Having for the first time got to the house of the man, they bring order there and make a lunch for couple of days, in passing lecturing the owner for dust and unwashed socks. Are irreplaceable at a disease, but are absolutely intolerable in usual life. Are capable to strangle the love any man, get on only with those who need constant guardianship.

Eternally dissatisfied

The woman who aches and rows at the slightest pretext – a nightmare of any man. It is impossible to please her, range changes from sluggish cavils prior to noisy quarrels. If such girl does not criticize the partner, she complains to him of girlfriends, colleagues, the chief, mother or the neighbor. It is difficult to get on with the similar person even to the unsinkable optimist, the ordinary man instantly is depressed and quietly disappears.      

Too romantic

Having read councils from female magazines, the girl tries to surround with romanticism each step. It stuffs lovely notes on the man's pockets, secretly changes a melody on his smartphone, sends it own photos with a heap of smiles and hearts. Instead of a practical gift the partner receives one hundred balloons, a card with prints of lipstick or the speaking soft toy. As romantic evening nothing not suspecting the man is waited not by(with) meat and wine, but cakes and a bathtub with petals of roses. At the same time it it is demanded constant admiration of creativity of darling and. that the most awful, reciprocal romantic actions in the same style. Most of the men who got to such trap choose a logical exit – to run as soon as possible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team