A melamine sponge for removal of spots: application, instruction

A melamine sponge for removal of spots: application, instruction

Any hostess dreams of ideally clean house in which everything sparkles, as on a cover of the glossy magazine, and at the same time that it was preceded by no excess efforts and downtime. One of means assistants in this case which is actively advanced on the market is the melamine sponge. Recently on open spaces of Network they are discussed quite often – pluses and minuses, advantage and harm. Let's understand this question in more detail.

Description and characteristics

If you look at this means, can seem that it is an ordinary sponge from foam rubber what in a large number are on sale in all household departments of shops, only white color.

However on closer examination it turns out that to the touch it firm as plastic. When you wet it, according to the instruction, it will become plastic and elastic.

This product does not cause any difficulties in application, does not demand use of household chemicals and very quickly purifies dirt.

As detergent on house cleaning also use mustard, tar soap, cow's milk, soda.


These sponges completely consist of melamine – the solid substance which does not have color and almost insoluble in water.

Whether you know? Annually in the world was make more than 1 million tons of melamine.

This substance is received in the chemical way and widely used in chemical industry: polyfoam, varnishes, paints, dyes, dubitel, concrete softener, etc.

Principle of action

When the sponge is lowered in water, foam which differs from soapsuds in properties is formed: it is soft and flexible, but elastic, has properties of an emery paper, but does not scratch.

Means literally wipes, scratches out dirt, a limy raid, rusty drips, traces from a felt-tip pen, a ball pen, pencils, working as an elastic band which wipe inscriptions a simple pencil.

At the same time it even grinds off as the elastic band and does not scratch a surface.

Areas of application

This wonderful elastic band it is possible to wipe wooden, plastic, leather, dermatin, fabric, metal surfaces, a tile, different types of floor coverings, a toilet bowl, a bathtub, a sink, cranes, household appliances.

Also it will be useful for you to learn how to use rain water in the house for what are necessary and how to choose air purifiers.

The melamine sponge proved the efficiency at application in different situations:

Deletes traces of children's creativity from wall-paper, a tile, the fridge, laminate, window sills.

Wipes spots from clothes, accessories and footwear.

Erases a limy raid and traces of rust in the bathroom and a toilet.

Cleans a tile.

Cleans linoleum, a parquet, laminate, window frames, doors.

Removes dirt from computers, TVs and other equipment.

Is suitable for cleaning of not varnished furniture.

Destroys spots in a motor show.

Cleans a surface of a plate, an oven, the microwave.

Removes dirt from outer side of frying pans, pans, teapots, deep fryers, multicookers, double boilers, bread machines and other household appliances.

There is an experience of use of means for scraping of fat spots from a tile and kitchen furniture, however responses are contradictory. Some claim that efficiency of a sponge at such use very low.

Important! It is not necessary to apply means on brilliant surfaces – mirrors, glasses, varnish, teflon coverings and also the soft plastic and surfaces covered with acrylic.


Carry to advantages of a melamine sponge:

  1. There is no need to use means of household chemicals and to breathe in their couples. It is important for persons with hypersensibility.
  2. There is no need to get many various means for cleaning of different surfaces, there is enough 1 sponge — and 10 sq.m of the area will shine.
  3. Multilateral use. Is suitable for various surfaces.
  4. Results from application already brought into admiration of many hostesses.
  5. Lack of abrasive action. After application there are no crumpled surfaces.
  6. The foam action allowing to delete dirt.


Kind of well the sponge did not work, it has some weak spots:

  1. It cannot be used for surfaces which contact to food.
  2. At application on brilliant surfaces those become opaque.
  3. Low efficiency during removal of old spots of fat — they hammer a sponge time.
  4. During a usage time the sponge is erased, getting out of a shape.
  5. Is not suitable for washing of a body and hands.
  6. It is not used for clarification of food.
  7. It is necessary to work with a sponge corner, otherwise it iskroshitsya.

Whether you know? The average inhabitant of our planet spends about 13 months of the life behind cleaning.

As it is correct to apply

From that, how correctly you apply means, the result of cleaning and service life of a sponge depends.

Get acquainted with the main councils for the modern hostess and also whether there is a harm from cleaning.

The instruction for its application provided such sequence of actions:

  1. Exempt from packing.
  2. Scissors cut off the piece sufficient for cleaning of a surface from a sponge. So will easier work, and means is not deformed.
  3. Ship a piece in water.
  4. Take out from water, put on a palm and press from above a palm of other hand.
  5. Carefully wring out water. Do not unscrew as a rag, and do not squeeze one hand, it will lead to deformation.
  6. Corner rub a surface as though you wipe an eraser pencil inscriptions.
  7. Upon termination of wipe a surface with a damp rag.

Precautionary measures in work

During the work with a melamine sponge observe the following security measures:

  1. Put on rubber gloves hands.
  2. Do not use together with other cleaning means, it can cause impassioned chemical reaction and to become the cause of poisoning.
  3. You store far away from children and pets.
  4. Do not rub all surface of a sponge but only a tip, differently it will crumble.
  5. Use according to the instruction.

Harm of a sponge

In 1998 UNEP (the program of the UN which is engaged in conservation) found out that males of rats who daily within from 1 to 3 months received up to 3% of melamine with food developed bladder cancer.

It is possible to normalize work of a bladder by means of the use of a soy protein, a cranberry, garnet juice.

Scandal arose in 2007 when the USA at pets was refused by kidneys (2,200 dogs and 1,950 cats), and they died because grain which was delivered from China was added to forages, contained melamine.

After the scandal which arose in June, 2008 with the company from China which produced powdered milk for kids and added melamine there (51 thousand children came to hospitals with diseases of kidneys and a bladder, 6 of them died), VOOZ and UN studied an adverse effect of melamine on an organism.

They established that even constant intake of melamine in an organism has no big poisoning influence as substance is removed with urine. However in case it arrives in large numbers with food, then can settle in urine in the form of a deposit, and in very large numbers causes formation of stones in kidneys.

Consumption of dyagilevy honey, coffee, pear juice, corn, watermelon, radish juice daikon and also application of a bergenia, a great nettle will help to cope with stones in kidneys.

Melamine sponge – the real find for the hostesses wishing to save time for cleaning and to provide purity in the house.

Important! Thus, as melamine sponges are gradually erased, so, in some quantity remain on surfaces, it is not recommended to use them for the cleaning of ware and objects which are directly adjoining to food. In other cases (tile, walls, a plate, clothes, etc.) of danger is not present.

If you do not plan to wash it the dishes, then it will not do any harm, and will become the faithful assistant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team