About non-standard methods of formation of the personality

About non-standard methods of formation of the personality

Japanese consider that the child who did not reach 5-year age – god. To it everything is allowed and forgiven. The only thing that seniors are able to afford – to look strictly at the rascal or to warn: like, your actions, are dangerous. But the kid needs to mature a little as the attitude towards him changes exactly the opposite – god turns into the powerless slave who for long ten years should submit to the most severe rules, restrictions and the bans...

And only when the little house slave is 15 years old – to him begin to belong, as to equal. By this time the teenager becomes ideal "small screw" for a model system – law-abiding and implicitly carrying out the duties. At Japanese it is not accepted to be proud of progress of the children, publicly or it is hidden to praise or abuse them. The task of parents is to make the child by an integral part of society, to teach the child not to draw attention to itself and not to seek for leadership. The Japanese who sent the offspring to kindergarten to be engaged in career, is called the egoist here. The men occupied with material security of family do not take any part in educational process.

The public child care facilities honestly are engaged in education of little modern Chinese. The mission of parents is to help the diplomaed tutors "to mold" the obedient, unpretentious, hardworking citizen who is content only with the most necessary. In kindergarten the kids appear already at three-months age, and at elementary school - in one-and-a-half-year-old.

Girls who were considered beings almost useless until recently study on an equal basis with boys today, and seize ability to consider, to write, draw and speak practically at the same time. The situation when the baby waits two hours for mother at an exit from shop or trains will power, having refused favourite "yum-yum" here – in the nature of things. In China do not feel sorry for children – as soon as kids made lessons, immediately puzzle them with additional loadings. Blind obedience, strict discipline and fanatical diligence in this country are those three whales on whom the material welfare of the nation keeps. Someone from classics joked once that in England the dogs are loved more, than children. In this joke there is an element of truth. The main task of the English tutors is to grow up from kids of "iron" ladies and gentlemen, and adult prudish British do not express emotions not only in relation to strangers. The intra family relations do not shine with revelations too. The English grandmothers do not know that it "to nyanchit grandsons" as they have the private life on which nobody has the right to encroach. Everything on what the English aging ladies are capable – to bring together all family at one table for Christmas or to carry out with kids two-three of days in a year. Parents too not too are soft in relation to offsprings, but show enviable diligence, fulfilling the duty: feed — give to drink, dress and care for that their child got to decent school.

When little British grow up, them, purposeful and independent, send to free floating.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team