About what it is possible to talk to the girl - interesting subjects for a conversation

About what it is possible to talk to the girl - interesting subjects for a conversation

Many young people wish to get acquainted with the pleasant stranger, but quail, without knowing how to strike up a conversation. To make the first impression, to be pleasant to the darling and to spend together free time, it is necessary to know about what it is possible to talk to the girl?

How to begin a conversation with the girl?

If the nobility how to strike up a conversation with the girl, at such acquaintance appears chance of pleasant continuation.

  1. The first that needs to be remembered and made is to greet and be presented (many guys forget about it or do not consider important). After that there is a question what to do next what to begin a conversation with the girl with? There is confidential equipment – it is necessary to ask a neutral question which it is impossible to answer in monosyllables. It will help to carry away the girl a conversation.
  2. One more psychological reception – an attention avalanche, girls love when they are interested in them. Ask about everything and show open interest in everything, as for the girl.
  3. Give compliments, but do not go too far because women intuitively feel flattery.

How to find a subject for a conversation?

After acquaintance there comes not less important stage – the first appointment to which preparation is necessary. For this purpose make the approximate list of subjects which as you think, will be interesting to your companion. For a start define those from them on which it is pleasant and interesting to you to conduct a conversation. At the same time you should not focus attention on the profile moments demanding special knowledge. Most likely, you will have general subjects for a conversation, and your meeting will become not the last.

Subjects for a conversation with the girl

After the successful first appointment it is necessary to maintain the reputation and further to be a pleasant interlocutor. What to speak with the girl further about? It is possible to make the next appointment in the easy place which is pleasant to you. It can be the beautiful park or cozy cafe with an interesting interior. It is possible to begin a conversation with discussion from what surrounds you. At this stage of communication appropriate will be to joke, tell a joke or an interesting true-life story. Try not to touch upon serious subjects for a conversation not to embarrass the companion and not to spoil an impression about themselves.

Conversation with the girl about music

Continuing to meet the girl, she begins to learn closer you. At such moments it is impossible to seem boring. You should not select subjects for a conversation about policy or sport. Beginning a conversation about music, it is always possible to find the general interest. Practically each person can support such conversation. Take an interest at the companion:

  • what style in music she prefers;
  • who its favourite performer;
  • at what concerts it was.

Conversation with the girl about the relations

The well-mannered person always behaves correctly, but there come the moments when one of the parties wishes to discuss further development of the relations. They can break or pass to a new stage of development. Touching upon interesting subjects for a conversation with the girl about a romantic trip, you always speak with delight. If you were there, tell about place sights. Take an interest at the girl what rest is preferred by her, ask to share impressions. But the result of some questions can be unpredictable. Especially it concerns couples which are not married.

The fear and alarm are followed by emotional reaction. For this reason the conversation is often postponed until the best times and questions remain not solved. For a showdown there are no trite phrases. You should not begin a conversation aggressively, with shouts and scandals it is difficult to find the correct solution. State quietly that you want, and be going to hear opinion of the partner.

Conversation with the girl about love

Each guy in the life begins to test to the pleasant girl something bigger, than friendship. It can be love which will pass over time, or more deep feelings passing into true love. Before bringing up the subject concerning you, define the state of mind. To say the first recognition in the feelings not always happens easily.

Define on what subjects to talk to the girl. Do not bring up a question of its former relations with the young man. Do not ask why they left and do not tell about the adventures. At the time of the serious conversation there are many questions. Try to formulate accurately phrases, prepare for different possible answers. Not always they are positive.

Conversation with the girl about children

Having decided on official proposal of a hand and heart, young couples begin to plan family life. To long look for a subject about what it is possible to talk to the girl in such situation it is not necessary. The conversation often switches to children. Each girl dreams of full-fledged family and many wait for support of the husband in this question. The conversation about the child is inevitable for each married couple. The young man becomes a head of the family. He has to talk to the girl and make the decision of rather further plans. Young people have to realize responsibility for the future of the little man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team